the Candidates for President of Belarus told about what was discussed at an emergency meeting with the Central election Commission of the country. Earlier in the morning to the CEC without explanation, was caused by opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the presidential candidate Anna Konopacki, they met with Secretary of the security Council of Belarus Andrei Ravkov. According to her, Ravkov has warned that the rallies will be introduced restrictive measures, there are additional fence, and the protesters will be to watch. However, he assured that the rights of citizens, as candidates will not be prejudiced in the conduct of the pickets.

In turn, the candidate in presidents of Belarus Andrey Dmitriev talked about the fact that the authorities can “disable the Internet”. He asked Ravkov, is it possible to limit the Internet August 9, when the country will be the day of the vote, he replied that it was “possible”.

“I was given the answer that if they feel that there (from the Internet – approx. ed.) present a direct threat to the security of the country, they do not exclude [the possibility] to turn off the Internet” – quoted by Dmitriev, “Interfax”.

Another opponent of Lukashenko Sergey Cerecer said that candidates warned about possible provocations during the protests and concerts. This is allegedly ready to come of the Russian group, which are formed at Pskov and Nevel, reports “Nasha Niva”. As noted Dmitriev, the words of Secretary of state security “difficult to challenge”.

“I Believe that this information is very serious and needs to react to it and security services of Belarus and Russia”, – said Dmitriev.

an Emergency meeting of candidates in presidents of Belarus with the CEC was held the day after the statements of the authorities of the Republic on the detention of 32 fighters to the Russian PMC. Belarusian television reported that the Russians were planning to destabilize the situation in the Republic. Against them criminal case about preparation of a terrorist attack.

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