In the capital of Tatarstan in a residential area appeared the longest in the city mural. 183-metre painting on the street appeared posted on the wall of the Parking lot. It’s called “I can breathe” and dedicated to the dreams of space.

the author of the artistic creations of Tatarstan became a famous artist with a world name Rustem Cube. Prior to this, residents of nearby houses were asked to vote for one of the sketches on the themes of space, love and philosophy. The vote was attended by over 1,200 people.

According to the artist, the mural depicts a student who reads a book about space and dreams about the future, about how he will become an astronaut when I grow up. By the way, this is his first full-scale project in Kazan. The work of Rustam Cube can be seen in Norway, China, USA, Turkey, Poland, Cyprus, New Zealand, Mexico, as well as in Almetyevsk. The image was created more than three weeks, he spent more than 250 litres of paint.