“According to the Russian airlines, civil aviation organizations, the mass dismissal of flight crews do not occur”, – told the “Russian newspaper” the Federal air transport Agency. “Information about the mass dismissals in the Russian airlines we have,” agreed the President of trade Union of flight structure of Russia Miroslav Boychuk.

to hard measures of foreign airlines to overcome the crisis, the media began to report in April. On plans to send pilots on unpaid leave reported by German airline Lufthansa and British Airways. The airline Norwegian has reduced staff by 7.3 thousand, לirbaltic laid off 250 people, the American Delta in late June, warned of possible layoffs of about 2.5 thousand pilots. Layoffs are coming at Emirates and “Scandinavian airlines” (SAS).

the Russian pilots are still largely affected wage cuts. Its guaranteed portion is up to 40%. Commanders of aircraft, the salary is higher, but the share of the guaranteed part of the same, says Boychuk. These payments pilots get. The rest of the salary depends on the flying hours. A little low, so the salary was lower.

for Example, the airline “Ural airlines”, “RG” was told that the part of the pilots is simple. Also “in the two-week mode of payment according to the schedule” and the entire command structure. A two-week regime is needed for uniform distribution of flight hours among all employees of flight service, said the airline. But with the start of the pandemic was not fired none of the pilot.

In some airlines pilots asked to sign an additional agreement to reduce wages, adds the President of the Sheremetyevo trade Union of flight personnel Igor Delduca. Allocated 23.5 billion rubles of state aid mainly went just to compensation actually paid wages. The money was enough for March and April. The allocation of 30 billion rubles is discussed, but the decision is still pending. In addition, systemically important enterprises can attract interest-free or government-subsidised loans to pay salaries.

still, it is a temporary measure. In the future, some companies will decide that will fly, but for a small salary, in others, extra staff will be cut. So mass layoffs in the future is possible, says a leading expert of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE Fyodor Borisov. While the Russian civil aviation was a shortage of qualified pilots. So dismissal, if they will, affect young drivers, he adds.

Many Russian pilots working in foreign airlines, are now beginning to return to Russia and, most likely, will find a job. However, they will have to take a pay cut. In the optimistic scenario for market recovery to previous values will take no less than two years, adds Borisov.