the cheapest house in the suburbs, in the area of 4 to 40 kilometers from Moscow, you can rent for 30 thousand rubles a month. At such rate of the proposed home with all utilities on 10 acres in the garden Association “rainbow” (Chekhov district), follows from the materials of the Agency “INKOM-real Estate”, arrived in edition “”.

In the wooden construction area of 50 square meters of two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, there is another residential building. Walking distance to train station, also to Moscow can be reached by bus (they run every 15 minutes, on the social map travel free). According to the results of bargaining may reduce the price.

Second in the list of cheap detachable cottages was the object of the rent value 35 thousand per month, located in the district of Sochi (a city Domodedovo, 20 km from MKAD). One-storey house of 52 square metres and realtors call fit for living, it has three rooms, kitchen, bathroom.

Third place was taken by lot, with the rate of recruitment of 40 thousand rubles. This 75-meter house in the village Karinskoe (Odintsovo district, 40 kilometers from Moscow). It has all communications and a wood fired sauna.

“Despite the high demand in the spring and summer of this year, you can still find low-cost and high-quality supply of a country house for rent” — experts of INCOM.

In April, analysts said that the difficult situation in Russia due to the spread of the coronavirus, can have a positive impact on the markets and country resort real estate. According to them, the pandemic COVID-19 increased the attractiveness of “fence” as a safer type of housing during disasters.