There was a post on the Facebook-page of Holtålen municipality in april 2019, which had the man to write things that make sure he is prosecuted under the so-called ‘racism paragraph’ in straffelova.

In connection with the reinflyttinga, informed the municipality that a snøskuterløype in Tydal and Holtålen would be closed for the season. The message came just before easter in year:

Published by Holtålen municipality Tuesday 2. april 2019

– Came sigande inward cross-border as a pest

Selbu is nabokommune with Tydal and Holtålen, and many use the area for recreation and hytteliv. 4. april wrote the man the following as a comment to the stenginga of skuterløyper:

“Yes reidriftsnæringa came first, but who was army to gave the patch of food when the past six years came sigan over the landegrensan as a pæst. To today has the past six years taken urættmæssig taken over all utaforr gulstripa.”

It is the word “pæst” that the prosecutor believes is a breach of point a) in the paragraph. It says it is a crime to utter any thing rammar persons on the basis of skin color, national or ethnic origin.

Comment from the man was soon after removed by the municipality. The municipality also laid out a new update 4. april about guidelines for social media.

Here enter the Holtålen municipality that posts that can be, for example “discriminatory or racist will be deleted quickly and without justification.”

Photo: Screenshot / Facebook “Promotes hatred against a whole people group,”

It is the district attorney of the county who have taken out the charges. The prosecutor is politiadvokat Thomas Berg. He writes in an e-mail to NRK that it is important to straffeforfølgje hateful comments.

“the Prosecution thinks in this case it made a statement publicly on Facebook that is a crime because it promotes hatred against an entire ethnic group (the sami population).”

the Suit shall, after the plan up in the South-Trøndelag district court 2. June. But koronasituasjonen do that much is uncertain when it comes to what matters in order to be considered. To prevent infection, and not to overburden the judicial system, there came a new directive from the director of public prosecutions this month.

CONFLICT OF SNØSKUTERLØYPER: The defendant came with ytringa on Facebook in connection with the Holtålen municipality informed us that a snøskuterløype in Tydal and Holtålen would be closed for the season. (Illustrasjonsbilete)

Photo: Ksenia Novikova / NRK Fine instead of imprisonment on terms and conditions

In some cases where the defendant would have received up to 45 end jail terms, recommends that the director of public prosecutions in place a førelegg, i.e. a bot. The exception is valds and seksuallovbrot and ruskøyring.

Politiadvokat Berg confirms that the claim in this case will be under 45 days. This means that the defendant in the place, get a bot, not Berg answer before he has been talking with an opposing defender to the defendant over easter.

Negative comments about samar has on several occasions led to domfellingar.

– The largest samehaterne has calmed

The same comments that are and have been writing under a post on the Facebook page to lokalradiostasjonen Nea Nadio, in connection with the same case on the closure of the snøskuterløypa:

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Lawyer Erik Vatne, the defendant is his attorney. The water will not comment on the suit until he has discussed fully with his client.

The so-called “racism clause” has the last couple of years led to much debate. Several take to prepare for that it should be removed because they think the violation against the freedom of speech.

One of them is the dane Flemming Rose. He was a world-renowned when he, as kulturredaktør in Jyllandsposten in 2005 printed drawings of the prophet Muhammad. Rose also refers to the debate in the united STATES and how to fight against hatprat.

No, there is not based on what the individual can perceive as hateful comments