Police responded to the woman’s residence for that team, in Moss reported her missing in november of last year. She had not been at the workplace in two days.

Outside the residence showed the police a 31-year-old man, and in a car parked on the spot, they found the woman dead and disguised. The man was arrested and charged with murder.

Now confirm the police to NRK that the woman probably was dead for two days before she was found Wednesday, 27. november.

– The expert likundersøkelsen have concluded that the death is believed to be due to suffocation. Date of death is set to 25.november, but it cannot be ruled out that it has happened after midnight, the 26, says politiadvokat Nina Marthinsen.

Interrogation of persons charged is exposed

The charged man has been ” I since he was arrested. Tuesday was fengslingsperioden extended for a further eight weeks.

Politiadvokat Nina Marthinsen says to NRK that the police assume that the woman’s residence was the scene of the murder and that the charged man stayed in the apartment of the deceased after having taken the life of her.

Politiadvokat Nina Marthinsen in the East police district says that the new interrogation of the persons charged will be conducted after easter.

Photo: Lotte Olsen Jessa/NRK

– We shall have a new questioning of the defendant, but it has been postponed because of smitteverntiltakene. A part of the investigation is precisely to interrogate the offender and get his explanation about the circumstances. It will be implemented a new interrogation of him after easter, ” she says.

In January foralte NRK that the man also is charged with likskjending. In the first interrogation admitted the man to have taken the life of the woman, but he has not taken a position straffskyld.

– He acknowledges the facts, but expect to take a position on the issue of guilt, ” says his defense Quiet Deserts.

She want otherwise not to comment on the investigation.

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the Police krimteknikere have done more research on the place where the deceased was found at the end of november last year.

Photo: Nyhetstips.en – Unimaginable tragedy

Rettspsykiatrisk experts have examined the man, and it is according to politiadvokat Marthinsen nothing to indicate that he was insane at the drapstidspunktet.

In the fresh fengslingskjennelsen is it that the experts shall conduct several conversations with the man.

“The experts have desired a conversation with the defendant over Skype due to smittevernhensyn. This expires when the defendant is sceptical to carry out a conversation digitally.”

the Family’s lawyer Tone Monclair says to NRK that the murdered woman’s family are looking forward to the case coming up for trial.

In January, she told that the family had experienced to get a lot of support and care from the environment in the time after the murder.

– This case is an incredible and completely incomprehensible tragedy for the families. The family is of course strongly affected by the case. They experience to have been well looked after by the police and kriseteamet in Moss these first few days, and that they are grateful for. The family would also like to thank the woman’s colleagues reported her missing when she did not meet on the job as agreed, she said.