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It was at the end of march Træna municipality in Nordland introduced the utreiseforbud for all of their employees, up to 13. april.

It meant that none of the municipal employees were allowed to leave the three inhabited islands. About 100 of the 400 residents are employed in the municipality.

Several island municipalities in Nordland fear the collapse by any smittesituasjon, and The introduced one of the nation’s strictest koronatiltak to avoid an outbreak.

But not all the inhabitants of the Træna was excited for utreiseforbudet, and the case was expected to end on the table to the lawyers.

Now, it is clear that neither the County goes good for the way The have chosen to handle the situation. They have now chosen to revoke utreiseforbudet for all municipal employees in the week of easter.


Egil Johansen is the municipal – and beredskapsdirektør.

He says to NRK that they have the understanding that the Træna has wanted to take precautions to avoid infection.

– But to give a utreiseforbud for the employees in the municipality is a very restrictive decision. Therefore, it will take a lot to make the type of decision.

Johansen says they have responded to several things.

Smittefrykt did that about 100 people on day trips to nearby islands are not allowed to leave the islands.

Photo: Billy Jacobsen / NRK

Among other things, that the decision was unclear formulated.

One thing is that the decision they have made is emerging partly as a prohibition and partly as an advice to the employees. Thus, it is very difficult to relate to.

There is also the relationship they have responded to around the saksbehandlinga, says Johansen further:

one is that the decision is valid for 14 days, but the law only gives access to making this type of decision for the 7 days. In addition, one has also used this hastekompetansen which is attributed to the kommunelegen, while the decision by the general rule shall be adopted by the municipal council.

We have also raised the question of whether it is correct law that is used as the basis for this decision.

In the dialogue with the municipality of

This is the first lovlighetskontrollen the county has conducted.

Johansen says they are in dialogue with The municipality.

If the municipality will go ahead with a utreiseforbud for the employees, will the county help with the design of any new decision, ” says beredskapsdirektøren.

But it is nevertheless not applicable, ” says the chief councilor Liv-Hege Martinussen of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

– This is pioneering work for both municipalities and county governors. This is okay, and perfectly fine for us to follow this decision.

Martinussen says it was not applicable with the extension. And it will not be necessary to make a new decision over easter.

Then there had come a real outbreak here, ” says rådmannen.

Martinussen add that the employees have been notified that the ban is revoked by e-mail.

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