In Moscow, there is a growing activity of buyers in the secondary housing market and at the same time decreases the number of apartments for sale, especially in the price range of 15-25 million. The liquidity proposals is less than potential newcomers, and in such circumstances, the sellers still refuse to give discounts, according to the materials of the Agency “INKOM-real Estate”, arrived in edition “”.

As the realtors, after the lifting of the quarantine measures, the recovery of demand in the secondary market in Moscow is more active than previously thought. Thus, the number of transactions existing home sales concluded in the first half of June, has doubled in relation to the first two weeks of may, the number of advances made during this time was more than four times. The level of demand is still below levels seen before the period of General isolation.

“recovery” of the secondary housing market may be accelerating, experts predict, especially if the Central Bank will continue to reduce the key rate. In this case, reduced rates on mortgages and on Bank deposits. On the one hand, will make the house more accessible for mortgage holders, on the other — motivates the holders of large savings to invest in property instead of keeping money on Deposit.

“If such an imbalance between quality supply and demand (even weakened) preconditions for reduction of prices on the secondary market yet. Now we see that even in some cases, when customers request a small discount, the sellers are mainly responsible vague — like “we’ll think about it more and see what will happen to the market then””, — summed up in “INCOM”.

Earlier in may, the analysts explained the inevitability of the decline of housing prices in Russia. The fall in the value of apartments will occur on both the primary and secondary markets, according to experts. Its size can reach 30 percent.