HOME.Russia is one of the main development institutions in the housing sector, whose mission is to promote the implementation of housing policy. Vitaly Mutko working in this joint-stock company six months. “What were the results? What is the situation? And what are the prospects?” turned to him Vladimir Putin.

“the Last three months all our work had been focused on the implementation of measures to support the construction industry, the anti-crisis program, which, according to your instructions, implemented by the government,” – said the head of the company. This needed to focus, because the spring months, according to him, the heavy steel for the construction industry. In the regions, the demand for new buildings in the background of the pandemic coronavirus had fallen to 30%. At the same time decreased the demand for mortgages.

“Now we see that the demand has recovered, already in June, the mortgage applications 29% increase,” – said Mutko. Demand failed to keep primarily due to the discount mortgage with a rate of 6.5% per annum. “Already to 400 thousand applications filed by citizens, 80 thousand already paid,” he said. Currently, about 90% of the mortgage market accounted for this preferential program.

Other effective measures, a far East mortgage at 2% per annum and family mortgage. Influenced, in addition, and payment of 450 thousand rubles families with many children. “All together, in our opinion, gave a very serious effect, – said the head of the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation. – With all the support measures we believe that somewhere towards the end of the year we will reach almost the previous level: 1 million 200-300 thousand mortgage loans.”

Mutko predicted that average mortgage rate in Russia may decline to the end of the year to 7.5%. According to him, it will happen with the introduction of a preferential mortgage.

to Make housing loans more accessible it helps the issue of mortgage bonds, said the head of the company. This is a relatively new mortgage product, he said. HOUSE.Russia started to develop this mechanism four years ago and has issued bonds for 500 billion rubles.

“the Potential is very high,” – said Mutko. He explained that until 2024 as a whole it is planned to involve about 20 trillion rubles in the construction in Russia. 15 trillion is expected to give banks in the framework of lending. A second source of attraction of investments is bonds, explained the head of the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation.

– Here you need to be very careful, of course. It needs to be controlled, – said Vladimir Putin.

Vitaly Mutko assured that “the Central Bank controls very seriously”.

Well, according to him, during the period of the pandemic work, and credit the developers who subsidized interest rates – but when they save time typing and not firing staff. For this purpose were sent to 12 billion rubles. According to Mutko, now in Russiathere are three thousands of developers, construction 9.5 thousand homes and two million apartments.

Vladimir Putin at the meeting also noted the good profit of the company last year – over 20 billion. “And in General, the present financial state?” he asked. Mutko said that the period of limitations, the company managed to maintain financial stability. “We will fulfill our obligations, he said. – This year we will pay serious dividends to the state 15 billion. This growth is very substantial.”

– by 2030 we need to build a billion square meters of housing, which is 70 percent of the housing Fund update, – said Mutko task from the head of state. – Here we see a very serious its role.