Today, theoretically, anyone can buy an apartment on the housing market. The state provides support for young families. For example, in April 2020 launched a new mortgage program that allows you to issue a soft loan for housing at a rate to 6.5%. But this is sometimes not enough. In Russian cities, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cost per square meter and a half to two times the average monthly salary of an employee of the defense industry. It turns out that to buy an apartment is not for everyone under force.

support employees in solving their housing problem has become one of the priorities of social and personnel policy of the Corporation “Tactical missiles” integrated structure, which brings together several dozens of design bureaus and plants in 27 cities of Russia. Heads of the enterprises of the Corporation pay great attention to attracting and retaining professional personnel, because human capital largely determines the pace and level of development of the company. Over the last 5 years the number of young specialists in the Corporation increased by 23 per cent and young workers – 53 percent. This was the result of consistent work, starting with the vocational guidance of pupils of schools, cooperation with leading technical universities and finishing programs of training and retraining.

to increase the attractiveness of work at the enterprises of the Corporation for the highly skilled workers and talented young people, implemented a policy for providing employees with accommodation. Separate categories were provided to the trust an interest-free loan for housing. In some cases, the proposed partial repayment of Bank interest (mortgage) loan taken for purchase of apartment or individual housing construction.

Contributes to the consolidation of workers and temporary housing in apartment or the payment of compensation for housing rent. Today she is up to 12 thousand rubles per employee, depending on the financial possibilities of the enterprise and the cost of rental housing.

enterprises of the Corporation located in the Moscow region, actively help young professionals and scientists who wish to participate in the sub-program “Social mortgage” state regional program “Dwelling”. Over the last four years of the programme the certificates for the purchase of housing has received more than 50 young employees.

the Main achievement of the last five years can without exaggeration be called a large-scale corporate housing programme. Housing construction in the territories released under the program of restructuring and optimization of fixed assets of the Corporation, �� also on the land provided by the local administrations. The projects are implemented by the investment funds and borrowed funds shareholders – employees.

“the Opportunity to acquire an apartment, and at preferential prices – an effective solution of the personnel question, – said General Director Boris Obnosov. Of course, we provide housing is not for everyone, but only the most promising employees with their consent to work in the Corporation a certain number of years.”

According to this scheme RKB “globe” was built in Ryazan 19-storey building with a total floor space of apartments of over 14 thousand square meters, of which 50 percent were redeemed by employees at a discounted price. More than a hundred workers of the Perm plant “Mashinostroitel” also had the opportunity to buy apartments in the new house. The plant was allocated to each equity holder of the trust interest-free loan in the amount of 300 thousand rubles for the down payment. In Orenburg completed the construction of two houses on the 653 apartments, of which sold more than 500 employees AT the “Arrow” at a price significantly below market value in the city.

In 2014, the Queen built a residential complex of four apartment buildings, where 576 apartments provided for purchase to the employees of the company at a price of 39 thousand rubles per 1 square meter (at the market price “square” in the nearest cities of Moscow region about 80 thousand). Their living conditions could improve including 168 young professionals.

the New stage of the program of housing construction in the Queen launched in 2018, and already in the spring of 2020 workers began to adopt a new apartment. Residential house for 467 apartments, along with its infrastructure and sports, playgrounds, recreation areas for adults – is located on the territory of almost 2 hectares. The cost of housing for workers and specialists of the enterprise made about 49 thousand rubles for “square”.

“of Course, this is only part of the process, which is multidimensional, – emphasizes Boris Obnosov. Today about 30 percent of our employees are in dire need of better housing conditions. Therefore, the Corporation as a socially responsible employer will continue to give this issue much attention”.

the Queen is preparing to build another house on 233 apartments, which will be able to purchase solely to employees of the company. In Perm plant “Mashinostroitel” is building a 20-storey building with 191 apartment. In Reutov MIC “NPO Mashinostroyenia” started realization of the project of construction of residential complex 680 apartments.

By the way, from Moscow in Reutov, on the ground of MIC “NPO Mashinostroyenia”, you are part of the production capacity of one of the enterprises of the Corporation Bureau of mAsinestrari, and on the released areas it is planned to implement investment projects on construction of residential mnogopodezdnom house with underground Parking and a kindergarten. Thus will be achieved a balance of interests of the Moscow authorities, citizens and enterprises: workplaces will be kept within the boundaries of the metropolis, improve the ecological situation of the district as a result of reorganization of industrial zones.

Experience of participation in projects of housing and social facilities have a subsidiary Corporation. Thus, the company “Star-Boom” from 2011 to 2019 erected 21 facilities in Taganrog and the village of Matveyev Kurgan in Rostov region, which contributed to the decision of problems of resettlement of people from dilapidated housing and to provide housing to orphans. More than 50 percent of the apartments were handed over to the city for municipal contracts fully finished, gas equipment and fixtures.

This work has received a high estimation of the regional and city authorities. For active participation in the life of the city and implementation of programs for the construction of comfortable and affordable housing “Zvezda-Strela” received gratitude from the mayor of Taganrog, the administration of Matveev-Kurgan area. In 2016 awarded by a sign “Public recognition” in the contest conducted by the public chamber of the Rostov region.

Another subsidiary Corporation “TRV-engineering” is also engaged in civil construction and construction of social objects. After completion of all necessary tender procedures, it is like a General contractor builds in the town of Krasny Sulin, Rostov region, school on 600 places. The commissioning of this school, which is scheduled for July 2021, really looking forward to – this will help relieve the existing educational institutions.

the Program of diversification, which should in the near future to gain momentum in the enterprises of the defense industry, involves the development of new market niches. What will be the answer to this challenge depends on professionals working today, and the competencies of young people who will come tomorrow. It is obvious that the Corporation “Tactical missiles” by connecting to the solution of urgent social issues, clearly understands how to attract and retain the right personnel.

the Owners of apartments in houses built RKB “Globus” and “Zvezda-Strela”, talked about the pros of their homes.

“Thanks RKB “Globus”, where I work, got the apartment at a very attractive price, – said Andrey He. – The location of the house is very good, in walking distance to school, stadium, shops, pharmacy, market. Directly in front of the house the Park. A huge plus is that the road to work takes only 5 minutes.”

“In 2018, the company has provided tremendous support in acquiring their own homes at a price below the marketnight almost twice, – has told the employee RKB “Globus” Alexander Morozov. – A specific approach to young workers gives confidence in the future and a significant motivation.”

Denis Galaga in 2015, got an apartment, built in Taganrog company “Zvezda-Strela”. At the request of residents the company has additionally paved sidewalk from the residential town to the bus stop and has increased the number of bus routes. “I’m an orphan, and very valuable to me, when you contact the developer, we all help,” – said Galaga.

“the Apartment we were given on the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing, – said Natalia Tageldin. – It is worth noting the reasonableness of the installation of individual heating, which is very convenient for life. Our requests were made for additional drainage. The developer “Zvezda-Strela” always responds to requests and performs the guarantee obligations”.