Embassy of Russia in Ukraine urged Kiev to honor the memory of victims of political repressions of the 1930-ies and to respect human rights and not to engage in the falsification of history and propaganda of Russophobia, reports on Thursday, TASS reported.

Earlier on Thursday the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the occasion of celebrating the country’s Day of memory of victims of political repressions of the 1930-ies issued a statement which said that repressions in Ukraine “was especially cruel,” and “main blow was aimed at the intellectual elite of the Ukrainian nation”.

“we Have to state that the Ukrainian side, despite the obvious facts of history and modernity, and contrary to common sense, continued with persistence worthy the best application, to promote theoretical and aimed at the further flywheel Russophobic propaganda line, which became part of state policy of the power structures of the country,” the Embassy stated.

Diplomats noted that instead to pay tribute to the memory of those who innocently suffered as a result of repression, the Ukrainian leadership “took the opportunity to voice unsupported by any documentary evidence, false in fact and provocative statements about the allegedly evil intentions of the Kremlin focused on the destruction of the colors of the Ukrainian intelligentsia.”

The Embassy noted that Russia, in turn, does not forget “about the dark pages of history”, which led to numerous victims among the citizens regardless of their places of residence or nationality. So, on 18 October 1991 the Supreme Council of the RSFSR adopted the resolution “About establishment of Day of memory of victims of political repression”, and also approved the law “On rehabilitation of victims of political repression”.

“against this background, a very strange and blasphemous reasoning Kiev about who suffered more in the meat grinder, and who is less,” — said the diplomat.

The Russian Embassy also encouraged Kiev “not to seek out the shortcomings in terms of compliance with human rights from their neighbors, and to start with ourselves.” In the Embassy including noticed taking place in Ukraine, the harassment, up to physical destruction of unwanted persons from among its own citizens, the pressure on the press corps, demonstrative infringement of the rights of national and linguistic minorities.