the Name of Gulnara Karimova – the eldest daughter of the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov again at the hearing. The reason for that were multiple “property scandal”. In Tashkent is going to be the British prosecutors to visit the former colony of the “Uzbek Princess”, and at the same time to complete the case of the frozen real estate Gulnara in Britain for a total of 23 million pounds.

In Uzbekistan, by the way, recently put up for sale the former residence of the President’s daughter on the Bank of the Charvak reservoir. As you know, Gulnara was a lot of requests, so at the time she took over the recreation area “Sijak”. Complex with a total area of 5.38 hectares and includes a hotel in 730 sqm sports facility with an area of 855 sqm and a total building 335 sq m, three pools of almost 250 square meters, two fountains, cottage, amphitheater, water tower and other structures. Buildings in the style of the space on the shore of mountain pond – a very tasty morsel. All the property was arrested by the verdict of the Tashkent regional criminal court on 10 February 2017. And last summer the resolution of the government passed into the possession of triathlon Federation to create a training base of national teams. However, since this Federation is headed by the youngest son of the current President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Otabek Umarov, after a series of hints and avoid unnecessary analogies “Sidjak” decided to put up for public auction.

However, from Gulnara not lose anything. As you know, the eldest daughter of the first President owns dozens of villas, castles, cottages and apartments in UAE, Switzerland, France, Britain and Moscow. With its British property now and deal with the prosecutors “foggy Albion”. According to the publication Bloomberg,

on 26 June, the London court extended the deadline for the decision on the freezing of property of Gulnara Karimova in the UK, worth 23 million pounds sterling (nearly 29 million U.S. dollars). The claim about withdrawal of the property in the Supreme court of the United Kingdom

in October 2018, was filed by the British Bureau to combat fraud in especially large sizes (Serious Fraud Office – SFO) According to them, the assets purchased using the proceeds of corrupt transactions in Uzbekistan.

in order For the court’s decision came into force, it is necessary to submit the documents Gulnara Karimova. And she is now in the colony. Yes, the coronavirus has confused the plans of the British lawyers.

According to the SFO, Gulnara Karimova in the UK owns several properties. This manor Gorse Hill Manor in Surrey worth £ 18 million, which Karimova purchased in 2010. Nearby possessions of the Sultan of Brunei. As Karimova has two evertry in London. One in the center of London is 8 million pounds ($10.4 million), second��I – in Belgravia worth 2 million pounds ($2.6 million).

the Owner of this property also listed Gulnara’s son, Islam Karimov, long ago living in London. Because the prosecutors have suspicions that this property was purchased with money received in bribes from international telecommunications companies for their admission to the Uzbek market, it seized. According to investigators, she thus received up to $ 500 million. However, Gulnara’s son, Islam, who was present at the hearing on the freezing of real estate, says: the mother bought it all legally. To the Islam, British justice no questions…

Recall Gulnara Karimova in March 2019 were re-sent to the colony in the Tashkent region for the “willful violation” of the conditions of detention”, Allegedly, living with his daughter in the Tashkent region, she repeatedly left the house and went abroad.