is expected in July opening the borders to flows of labour migrants will increase and will increase social competition for jobs, says expert at the Institute of demographic studies, sociological centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Advisor, Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities Victoria Ledeneva. – We are waiting for a public phenomenon: 60 percent of migrants who left want to return to work, which is “worth” an additional 3.5 million migrants Amnesty. But with rising unemployment a priority, the government announced the first employment of the Russian citizens.

As Ledeneva believes, the competition for labour is adjustable, and the mechanism of regulation run. Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation of 18 April and 15 June extended the patents on the work and status of stay of the remaining migrants indefinitely. Those who after July 1, wants to return, will work Chazy – private employment agencies. They declared that in Russia can only come through the filter of organized recruitment.

– the Situation is changing dramatically, – says member of the Council under the RF President on interethnic relations and the expert Advisory Council under the Main administration of the MIA of Russia on migration Nikolay Kurdyumov. – Russia does not close because of the migrant workers, but limits their entry in favor of the employment of Russians. We refuse services of intermediaries in favor of organized recruitment of migrants and the increasing role of employers ‘ associations.

this Kurdyumov acknowledges that while Chazy stalled. In a number of reasons – the migrants and the employers they do not offer guarantees of social protection (housing, social support) and preferences (guarantees training of workers) than lose illegal intermediaries. Also the staff Chazov in the sending countries often have no training: they not send the requested spices, and “labor” that the employer of up to 50 percent returns. Moreover, in some countries check out the basis of the staff Chazov often remain the same as illegal intermediaries, working on two fronts and creates the myth of the “free movement of migrants”, although in control of 95 percent of their flows.

a Conflict of interest of the interior Ministry on migration issues, resolves in several directions: the private employment agencies of sending countries are refresher courses of the personnel, and in Russia – in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region launched the pilot project “Digital platform of the migrant.”

– On any gadget migrant downloads a database of available jobs, qualifications and degree of knowledge of the Russian language, there are addresses of housing or family living conditions, – said the head of the working group on migration of the chamber of Commerce of Leningrad region Valery Shinkarenko. – The database we distribute ka�� at home, and build a network in the countries of departure.

By the end of 2020, “a Digital platform migrant” connect another 12 Russian regions.