In view of the drastically increased costs for energy, raw materials and logistics, the Erdinger brewery has announced significant price increases. In the event of a gas embargo, there is even a risk of a “white beer triage.”

“We assume that we and the entire industry are missing an average margin of between 15 and 20 euros per hectolitre of wheat beer,” said Josef Westermeier, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales, of the “t-online” news portal. “Theoretically, a crate of wheat beer could be three to four euros more expensive.” Exactly when that will happen is open. “However, it is necessary to pass on the prices.” The increased energy costs are “cruel”, they have tripled. What is needed now is a paradigm shift among brewers, retailers and customers.

“A crate of beer should have cost 30 euros a long time ago if prices had developed like in other industries,” he said. “Only then would the industry have a solid future.”

According to Westermeier, a gas stop would have fatal consequences for German beer brewers. “In the event of a gas crisis, we would have to radically weigh up what we can still produce and what not. To put it bluntly: we need a wheat beer triage, a prioritization of the sales channels,” says the Erdinger managing director.