Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for the police: Consumers keep receiving letters from dodgy companies demanding large amounts of money. Dunning letters are currently circulating about alleged claims from lottery and gambling contracts. Those affected should not pay under any circumstances.

Up to 300 euros in fees for open gambling claims are currently being demanded by rip-off consumers. “A lot of those affected are currently contacting us and asking for advice,” says a spokesman for the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies (BDIU) in an interview with T-Online.

Consumers seek help because they receive letters with claims from lotteries or sweepstakes. The required fee is just under 300 euros per letter. The transfer should go to a foreign account.

The article names a number of alleged senders. approximately

In their letters, the senders pretend that there are outstanding claims, for example from a lottery service contract. In addition to a fee incurred for this, the senders often also claim reminder and collection costs.

In order to make the letter recipients compliant, the senders threaten further dunning notices, foreclosures and seizures.

The police advises not to respond to these letters or even to pay. Anyone who has already transferred in a panic should file a complaint.

The consumer advice centers also help those affected. Victims of debt collection claims can find advice there.

If you want to clarify for yourself whether you have to respond to a request, you can do a kind of quick test at the consumer centers.

Consumers can clarify the following points:

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