In Kotlas, the Arkhangelsk region the kindergarten teacher put boys in dresses as punishment for bad behavior. It is reported portal

The case occurred in December 2019 at a kindergarten “Rodnichok”. According to the parents, the teacher took the two boys for disobedience in the younger group to put small children as an example to them. In turn, the preschool teacher said he will let them go back to the group, only if they manage to amuse the other children. To this end, it is allegedly put on children’s dresses.

Head of the kindergarten Natalia koposova not approve of this method of education, but said that the boys chose to dress as costumes themselves. According to her, the teacher asked the boys not to “make a circus”, and heard in reply that they “and so on in the circus,” suggested to them to wear suits. She was taken to the costume shop where the outfits for the holidays, and allowed to choose their clothes.

“I don’t know why the boys chose these dresses. From your experience I want to say that I was previously an educator, and we have boys running around in skirts, and wore wigs — what only they did not run, for this special attention is not paid”, — explained the head.

She assured that the children no one laughed, but the fact of cross-dressing was regarded by all participants and witnesses to the incident as a game.

The mother of two boys appealed to the Prosecutor’s office and the interior Ministry. They have been recording from the surveillance cameras, which are noticeable as the teacher leads the corridor of boys in dresses. Then koposova resigned as the head on their own.