a Victoria Bonia told the fans that he wants to get rid of more than half of my wardrobe and give clothes for everyone. Only for this “wish” will have to go to London, where she is now “packing up”.

Its unprecedented generosity of ex-participant of “House-2” has declared Instagram-storis. Bonia explained that does not want to “drag and carry”. She complained that “it all” hangs, and is not worn.

I realized that I wanted stupidly minimalism. Guys, here now I’m ready to give half of what I have. I’m ready to give everything except shoes. Shoes, bags leave, — said the socialite.

It is unknown coveted anyone on closet Boni and went for her unnecessary clothing in London.

Earlier reported that TV presenter and former participant of “House-2” Victoria Bonia, which was criticized for saying the Russians with the minimum wage, explained what he meant. According to her, she was not talking about all Russians, but only of those who suffer from alcoholism.