Victoria Bonia was supported by Yana Rudkovskaya in conflict with the publication StarHit after publishing articles about alleged son of producer mental disorder.

How to write “Rambler”, on the eve of the edition with reference to anonymous speech pathologist reported that 7-year-old Sasha Plushenko may suffer from Asperger’s syndrome – officially non-existent in Russia, a disease that is often confused with autism because of the lack of clear criteria for diagnosis. After the publication Rudkovskaya said he will sue the StaHit, and accused the magazine publisher Natalya Shkulev treason.

Victoria Bonia supported Rudkovskaya. In the comments to the post of producer in Instagram Bonia wrote that she “has long been brewed in this pot,” where envy and hatred seen in her daughter.

“That just is not talked about my daughter, me and my family! And in his eyes I smiled, that is contrary to all! I understand what that feels like,” said Bonia.


published Yana Rudkovskaya (@rudkovskayaofficial) 4 May 2020 1:43 PDT

According to her, the attacks on the Dwarf Gnomic caused only by the fact that the boy was “too good and too talented.”

In support Rudkovskaya was also supported by singer Dima Bilan. He wished the producer as soon as possible “to resolve this misunderstanding.”