In five Metropolitan areas recreation work boat stations, which offer visitors boats and catamarans are available for rent. Muscovites will be able to take a little trip on the water and enjoy the spectacular views.

The press service of Moorpark said that boating and water Biking is one of the favorite pastimes of visitors. This kind of holiday is suited to fans of romantic walks, and for those who like active rest.

The rental has two – and four boats, and catamarans for two, three or four passengers. In addition, the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” offers to rent a motor boat for 7 people.

So, ride around the pond in Izmailovo Park, the Museum-reserve Tsaritsino, Lianozovo Park, and Gorky Park. Rent a boat or catamaran you can also in the Park “Kuzminki”, the official website of the Moscow mayor.