Yaroslavl repair of asphalt pavement in the yards of apartment buildings will make the control of the company. At the expense of residents.

this is evidenced by the relevant paragraph in the decision of the mayoralty of Yaroslavl on the establishment since July, the amount of payment for the maintenance of premises. However, in the mayor’s office, RG explained that a regular and a fixed fee for the repair of asphalt, the tenants will not make.

They will only pay for the work performed if they are necessary. Is based little more than 600 rubles per square meter of pavement – these are the current prices for such repair approved by another city Ordinance.

Magadan oblast has banned the sale of kids goods for personal and household needs with liquefied hydrocarbon. Is gas lighter, gas cylinders for refilling lighters and flags. The law adopted on the initiative of the Prosecutor of the Magadan region. The Supervisory authority reported that in Kolyma from the use of liquefied natural gas in 2018, killing one teenager in 2019 – two this year – one more.

“a Hydrocarbon gas is sold freely. Relatives and friends of the children were unaware that those engaged in sniffing – inhaling vapors of liquefied gas. And become substance abusers,” said senior assistant Prosecutor of the Magadan region on supervision of execution of laws on minors Elena Gruzdeva.

“Such goods should not be freely available to children, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Magadan regional Duma Andrey Zykov. Even if you do not talk about substance abuse, gas is very dangerous for the baby. Limiting sales is one of the measures which, I believe, will allow us to contain the spread of sniffing. If it helps save even one child’s life – the law was passed not in vain.”

For sale to minors of products containing liquefied petroleum gas, an administrative fine for citizens will amount to from three to five thousand rubles for officials – from 10 to 20 thousand, for legal entities – from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. The involvement of minors in the use of hydrocarbon gas, the penalty will be from three to five thousand rubles.

In Tver oblast in July launched a new regional measure of support – a lump sum payment for children aged 16-18 years. It is entered at the initiative of the Governor Igor farm, with to support families with children in the context of pandemic COVID-19.

Payment is for the young people born from 1 January 2002 to 10 may 2004 inclusive. Each of them must be a citizen of the Russian Federation, to be registered and reside in the territory of the Tver region for at least five years.

three thousand rubles is paid for each child of families raising one or two children (including family guardian), as well as citizen, dostyvshego 18 years of age. Five thousand rubles for each child from a large family and a citizen who has attained 18 years of age.

In Kostroma oblast also introduced the new benefit. It applies to families where the child was born. Parents will give dowry for the newborn.

“the gift set includes baby supplies. In the case of birth of two and more children set to be awarded for each child”, – explained in regional administration.

Gifts for newborns, parents will get territorial departments the registry office on the day of state registration of the birth of the child. The law on the exemption already in force, but the gifts will begin to distribute on the first of August. Given a month to prepare. For these purposes in the 2020-2021 years from the regional budget will be allocated about 25 million rubles.

Seaside doctors increased payments for rental housing. “The doctors and nursing staff working in the Vladivostok city district, the size of compensation of expenses for rental housing rose to 30 thousand roubles a month, – said the Chairman of the Committee on social policy and protection of the rights of citizens of legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai Tatyana Kosyanenko. The law is retroactive, and this support measure will be effective from 1 January 2020”.

Such a privilege physicians in Primorye are from 2019. Initially, the law was written that the health care provider monthly to compensate up to 20 thousand rubles for hiring of premises in case he is not provided with a service or specialized housing. It turned out that for Vladivostok this amount is not enough. It is planned that this support measure is valid until 2024.

In the Astrakhan region entered into force on regional law under which residents with a disability no longer needs to submit to the office of inquiries about the disease in the design of benefits. Services will collect these data themselves, as they are in the Federal register.

the certificate will not need to stand in line to receive free land plots. “This measure of social support for persons with disabilities 1 and 2 groups, families with children with disabilities and members of the farms, raising children with disabilities”, – told “RG” in the regional Duma.