the bears have tried to climb into their cars.

At the end of may on TikTok appeared an unusual video, which quickly went viral and migrated to other social networks and media.

Video was shot by blogger Jacob and nick madlyexplore in North Carolina. Relaxing with friends in a country house, they saw a huge bear, which was moving in the direction of their car, parked in front of the house.

I have laughed rated at this at least 25 times today. Thank you #JacobCurtisBean @ madlyexplore on #TikTok. #LOL ?

First, friends just took pictures of the bear on video from the window, but seeing his determination, began to panic. In the video you can hear how the friend Jacob asked if they shut down the car. And after a second turns out it’s not.

Bear sure had opened a car door, but at this point the unexpected happened — bloggers began to shout, growl and make noise, trying to scare the animal. And it worked. Confused by sudden loud noises, the bear stood up on his hind legs, backed away and ran back into the forest.

Catherine Gura

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