Blogger from Amsterdam started to share pictures in natural poses without filters, which show the flaws of her figure, and was criticized. In the photo published on its page on Instagram, drew the attention of the journalists of the Daily Mail.

the 26-year-old Rihanna Meyer (Rianne Meijer) often shares with subscribers bad shots in lingerie, without any retouching, demonstrating uneven skin, wrinkles and cellulite. Blogger also shows your double chin and published shots taken at bad angles.

for example, she posted a collage of two pictures in bikini purple colors on the frame on the left, the girl straightened up and tensed abdominal muscles, and the right — relaxed and shown formed on the abdomen folds of fat. On another photo she posed for pictures in the same poses wearing sweatpants and t-shirt.

1 minute on a chair without back support vs. 5 minutes

a Photo posted @rianne.meijer

“it is Important to show the reality and not to expose young girls to the stress of striving to achieve the ideal, which doesn’t even exist,” said Meyer, and stressed that “the publication of bad shots helped her even more to love yourself.”

However, netizens criticized blogers for trying to attract attention. “See that you are trying to show a double chin, which simply does not. This is stupid!”, “It’s a staged photo”, “Bend for a failed photo to attract attention — the whole point of social networks”, “for likes” — commented on them.

In June, the celebrity has launched a flash mob: they began to publish in social networks photos without photoshop. So, the flaws of my body in the outdoor clothing showed it KARDi Bi, TV presenter Stacey Solomon, singer demi Lovato, TV star Ashley James and others.