the Project will take place in 2020 for the second time. It will a contest of scripts submitted from all over the world. Ten creative teams, offer the most interesting scenario, will have the opportunity to come to Kazan and shooting this short film. Each team will be offered significant historic locations on the territory of Tatarstan. Among them is the Kazan Kremlin, Tatar ethnographic village, promenade of lake Kaban, the academic theatre named after Kamal, the Museum “Island-town of Sviyazhsk”. Is what to choose from the attractions of the Republic.

According to the decision of the prestigious jury three of the winning film will be awarded cash prizes. Further work will be combined into a feature-length anthology for distribution on the territory of Russia and abroad.

is Now accepting applications on the website of the project “Cinema for 7 days”. In connection with the situation with coronavirus exact dates of the festival yet to be determined. The organizers expect that all participants from countries near and far abroad were offered the opportunity to come to Tatarstan to conduct the shoot.

– We want to select the most interesting work, which also really wasn’t made in seven days. Have already received first applications for participation from several countries in the African region, as well as from China, Iran, Germany, Latvia, India, said during an online press conference, the project Manager for international relations, Tom Palmen (Latvia). The event is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. This year it will be held with the participation of the Kazan state Institute of culture. Teachers, students and graduates Kashik will assist crews in all phases of filmmaking, and the Institute will provide a platform for a range of events.

the Main objective of the project “Cinema for 7 days” – development of the film industry of the Republic of Tatarstan, strengthening international ties and promoting the cultural objects of the Republic in Russian and foreign space assets short films.

– This project is a platform for communication for professionals and students who decided to link their activities with the movie, but which are not yet enough opportunities for creative realization of his designs. We have a unique territory, which is not just coexist, but are representatives of more than 170 nationalities. And we are always focused on what’s important in the human soul and talent. Such value message must be embedded in the ideology of those short films that are then combined in the almanac, – said the Minister of culture of Tatarstan Irada aiupova.

Is not a festival in the full sense of the word. Rather, youth’s battle, inrkshop, – told “RG” the project’s producer Stanislav Yershov, founder and Director of the Cinema&Theatre “Angleterre” (St.-Petersburg). The project targets young, creative, aggressive, making the first steps in the movie. One of the conditions – we do not take quite so new to cinema. Welcome the work that the young man can already imagine it.

the Band comes with their equipment, we provide participants with visa support, paid flights, accommodation, help with all logistics. While it is possible to prepare the filming process of “removing” the painted location, to pick the actors.

last year, we received about 150 applications from all over the world. It was formed 10 teams (each for 3 people) that in early September, arrived in Kazan from Switzerland, France, Iran, Germany, China, Mongolia and three of the Russian team. They had seven days to shoot a short film up to 7 minutes. Was an amazing week – at the tensions, passions. The whole week, we can say that Kazan lived this event – movie. Came to audition actors, people gathered in the crowd, made films. The international jury selected the winners, they received cash prizes. The first experience was very successful. Three of the winning film of last year was shown in March 2020 at the international festival in Tampere (Finland). The “short stacks” live your life. The stories are different, but all positive, United by one theme: Kazan is a unique place where it crossed many cultures and traditions. Of the 10 films made by the almanac. I hope he will be released.

another important thing is That the project gives a boost to the local film schools, the people making a movie. This is the reason for some international co-productions, and also for the region as a whole, a powerful promotional movement in Tatarstan: Kazan captured in the paintings went all over the world, and someone for the first time in my life knows about this city, about Tatarstan, see the real history that happened there.

the Jury is still being formed. Can be called while only two members who have been invited: Karen Dix, a representative of the company “European Film Promotion”, and the famous Director Konstantin Bronzit, living in St. Petersburg. – We give young talented people the opportunity to speak. Bring, help, support. The whole town, that is, at your disposal. Everything is in your hands. Speak up, create, invent! – calls Stanislav Yershov.