Blogger Ekaterina Didenko Stories in his Instagram released a video in which he spoke about the dangers of cocktails with dry ice. Posted on the social network the movie she is depicted in the Park holding a plastic Cup of Mojito.

She warned that if a person drinks a piece of this dry ice, he may come burn the esophagus. According to Didenko, make the cocktail while the dry ice go from a solid phase to a gaseous state, life-threatening. Catherine lamented the fact that the sellers of such drinks are not warned customers about the threat in advance.

After this blogger shared staff the day before the ill-fated party in the bath complex on the occasion of her birthday, which killed her husband and two friends jumping into the pool filled with dry ice. Didenko said that since that fateful day it has been exactly five months.

“Everyone who has listened to our tragic story, I think: to drink or not such threat kokteylchik, order curvy white smoke”, concluded Catherine.