Actress and TV host shared with followers the joy.

51-year-old Evelina Bledans has shared with followers the happy news that TV presenter and actress bought her first apartment in Moscow.

“I Share with you my great joy. I am the owner of an apartment in Moscow!!! From children’s Orthodox traveling in the Crimea I came so full that not only launched his Marathon, but Bought an Apartment! Everyone knows how old I am, but nobody knows that this is my first apartment. I will not say why, in order to continue to be known as a decent person, without washing dirty linen in public… Let Semotchka is flat!”.

In addition, Evelyn has told that wants to make a new home an island of unconditional love, fill it with vivid details, make creative and stylish.

Publication of Evelina Bledans (@bledans) 10 Aug 2020 12:02 PDT

“Evelina, congratulations! You deserve to have your cozy nest!”, “Uraaaaa, congratulations, dear,” “well Done! Good luck and creative chaos at registration!”, “Expand and further their joy! Prosperity and great improvement…”, “I Understand your enthusiasm!!!! Very happy for you!!! May you have a cozy corner” — rejoice for Bledans followers.

Recall the days of Evelina Bledans stirred the public, a statement of the subsistence level. According to the presenter, she could live for a thousand rubles a month.