BKL is located at 31 station.

Six stations of the Big ring line of the subway will be associated with transfers WDC-1 and WDC-2 in 2022, the press service of the Moscow construction complex.

According to the Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and the construction of Andrei Bochkareva, today, BKT is the main project of the Moscow metro.

BKL is located at 31 station. In addition to direct WDC, BKL will make 19 providing direct access to other branches, four transfers on CIP and 11 on the radial railway lines.

Now from the station “Savelovskaya” BKL you can go to the stop IDC-1. After entering the BKL earn transfer between station “Kuntsevskaya” BKL and IDC-1.The transition would be created between stations BKL “Maryina Roshcha”, “Riga”, “Tekstilschiki” and “Printers”.

Bochkarev noted that with the introduction of BKL will appear cross-links between many areas of Moscow.