American singer Billy Ailes sued for breaching social distance fan. It is reported portal TMZ.

the Actress managed to obtain a court ban on approaching her house 24-year-old fan of Prunella Russo, who repeatedly appeared on the verge without the mask and gloves. He asked the father of the stars, whether Billy lives Iles, and then sat on the porch and read a book, refusing to leave the territory.

it is Noted that it chased away security, however, the fan returned to the house of the performer. According to Ailes, Rousseau came to her house seven times.

Twice a week the fan was taken into custody, but were unable to prosecute because of limitations in the country’s prisons due to pandemic coronavirus. In the end, the man simply sent home to new York.

the Actress and her family are worried that the fan could return.

In April Billy Ailes told that it was hunted for shooting the swimsuit. She explained that it had faced a similar reaction when in a network there was a photo of her in a tube top. While the young star, who usually wears baggy clothes, has admitted that she tries not to look at myself without clothes on.