Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov and his wife Tatiana Navka was in the hospital with coronavirus – this both of them made comments. We have reconstructed the chronology of the works of Dmitry Peskov before infection COVID-19.

In terms of quarantine, the press Secretary of the President regularly talked to journalists of the Kremlin pool on the phone. The last time a conference call he held on 6 may. Communication, Dmitry Peskov, came out of his office. No obvious signs of a cold, judging by his voice, he observed. Sands answered all the questions that have accumulated in the media during the first half of may holidays.

Typically, these “remote briefings” the speaker of the Kremlin satisfied on all working days. However, on may 7 and 8 conference calls were not conducted. And on the meetings with the participation of Vladimir Putin, reporters these days learned through other channels. However, agencies are still able to obtain the written comments of the press Secretary.

may 9 Dmitry Peskov was absent in the Alexander garden and at other solemn events dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory. And for the first time in a month and a half has not appeared in the Sunday program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin”. (From the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus he was regularly interviewed by video link).

may 11 Vladimir Putin had planned another appeal to the citizens. Usually such events are announced, Dmitry Peskov. However, this time the Kremlin was forced to publish information about the upcoming appeal on its website.

it Should be noted that, since 7 may, the journalists repeatedly requested the press-service of the Kremlin on the subject of the conference call. However, their requests remained unanswered.

Dmitry Peskov told that regularly undergoes testing for coronavirus and observe the necessary precautions. However, the first cases in the administration of the President was revealed in late March, and apparently, the infection he brought home from work. At least so thinks his wife Tatiana Navka, which comply with self-isolation.

in addition to Peskov, the coronavirus was diagnosed in the Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina, and at the head of the Ministry Vladimir Yakushev and Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova. Yakushev was discharged from the hospital, and Lyubimova treated at home.

Mikhail Mishustin on may 8 held a meeting with the Cabinet members via videoconference from the hospital, but did not look healthy until the end, and since then in the public space appeared.

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