Bill gates predicted a complete end to the pandemic coronavirus

Billionaire philanthropist bill gates predicted when the world will be able to return to normal after the pandemic coronavirus. He told about it in interview to the newspaper Le Figaro.

According to the Microsoft founder, society will take from one to two years to fully overcome all the consequences of the spread of the virus. So to get out of the first phase of the pandemic, it is necessary to build a system of activities, which will eliminate the risk of a return to the exponential phase of progression of the infection.

He predicted that people will be concerned about the possibility of infection and dramatically change their behavior. “Even the decision of the authorities will not return them to the stadiums until, until it can be proven that treatment or vaccination can prevent death,” explained gates.

Major step towards a return to normalcy will be the development of a vaccine, says the billionaire. He recalled that the bill and Melinda gates involved in this process. He also expressed the hope that the United States will join a global initiative under the auspices of the world health organization (who), aimed at accelerating the development of technologies for the diagnosis and treatment COVID-19, criticizing the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to stop funding the organization.

Earlier in April, gates predicted the improvement of the situation with the pandemic coronavirus. According to him, citizens will be able to return to normal life at the end of may or in June, but he could not indicate how stabiliziruemost the situation with the pandemic.

the Founder of Microsoft along with his wife Melinda donated to fight COVID-19 $ 100 million.

According to Johns Hopkins University on April 27, in the world more than 3 million are infected with coronavirus, of which 208 thousand died, more than 878 thousand cured. More than 1 million infections occur in USA. The five most-affected COVID-19 countries include Spain, Italy, Germany and France.