Microsoft Founder and billionaire bill gates believes that in some countries, the coronavirus pandemic will end by the end of 2021. Her deadlines entrepreneur called in an interview with Wired.

According to gates, the pandemic has caused economic damage in the trillions of dollars, but it is impossible not to notice the stream to the vaccine investment. The billionaire believes that the developed countries will be able to win COVID-19 by the end of 2021, the rest of the world to the pandemic will be over by the end of 2022. However, the Microsoft founder believes that a pandemic seriously threw humanity back: “it Will be years before we return to the place where he was at the beginning of 2020”.

“I’ll bet that all over the world will be available two vaccines,” said gates. According to him, the test of the drug from the coronavirus in full swing in China and Russia, with funding from the bill and Melinda gates Foundation will need about three to four months for testing and finding the side effects from their own vaccines.

Evaluating the actions of the US government against the spread of the virus, gates said that restrictions on the movement of citizens was taken too late. The billionaire also believes that the majority conducted in the USA, tests for the presence of the disease “completely useless”. The Microsoft founder has blamed the health authorities that the tests were conducted too long, and access to diagnosis has a limited number of citizens.

In conclusion, bill gates said that he personally, the pandemic is restricted in movement, as the prior owner traveled a lot. However, gates saw a global catastrophe, a rare favor, which is that he began to spend more time with their children.

Earlier, bill gates stated that the air pollution will cause to humanity the same destructive damage as the pandemic COVID-19. Entrepreneur and philanthropist, believes that within 40 years, the mortality rising temperatures on the planet can compare with deaths from coronavirus — about 14 deaths per 100 thousand people. Gates said that emissions need to be controlled through science and innovation.