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SPLETNIK.RU has long ceased to be just a glossy publication, about the life of Kim Kardashian, new outputs Irina Shayk and regular divorces of celebrities. We are interested in not only the world of show business, but also social and political problems. Therefore, we are launching our new series where each week we will highlight the most relevant, loud and discussed topics in the Russian and world space.

1. Voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

of Course, the number one topic last week was the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. But let’s start from the beginning, when in January the President of the country Vladimir Putin proposed a number of amendments to the Basic Law. Some state Duma deputies so inspired by this idea, that they themselves began to take the initiative. In March, the Deputy from “United Russia” the former cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova made a proposal to reset the number of terms of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin or to remove restrictions on number of presidential terms. Putin himself said that restrictions on the number of terms of the Basic Law, adopted in 1993, still cleaning is not worth it, but to reset them is in principle possible, but of course only if the constitutional court decides that “such an amendment would not conflict with the principles of the Basic Law”.

One “zero”, of course, be limited it would be inhumane. So, in the text of the Constitution also proposed to fix the definition of marriage as the Union of a man and woman (i.e., gays, lesbians and other sexual minorities will not be able to marry and will not receive the right to adopt children), to secure in basic Law the amendment about God (and Russia, we will remind, still a secular state), that Russian nation — state (for not too tolerant multi-ethnic country), as well as mention of children as a major asset of the Russian Federation (that is, children called the property of the state).

In General, the proposed amendments, the state Duma adopted steady hand (however, after the “law of Dima Yakovlev” the deputies have not shakes). But since our government is the opinion of its citizens cherishes, it was proposed to vote that the Russians themselves decided whether they want to follow the new laws or old they are quite satisfied. When this vote was proposed from the package, that is a real all inclusive when you pay for all at once and follow all the proposed rules. br>
Pull and not have scheduled a vote on April 22. But the insidious and sinister coronavirus “has come” to our country and the rapid and widespread distribution quickly “OBOLil” all the plans. In the end, the vote was postponed to a later date — so to speak, until better times, which came, incidentally, quite unexpectedly. Like magic, the number of infected COVID-19 in Russia began to decline dramatically, restrictions were removed, citizens filled parks and a summer veranda and quickly returned to his former life. br>
the President, meanwhile, spent moved the Victory parade, which was ignored by world leaders, and scheduled a vote on the amendments on 1 July. But as the virus is still not yet fully retreated (and to be honest, and it didn’t go anywhere) and many people still shumoizolyatsiya in the cottages or not at all out of the house, voting for the first time made and remote.

Vladimir Putin
place a cross or tick next to the selected item can be online on the Internet, and a week before the scheduled date. But that’s not all. Showing immense concern for citizens, the authorities allowed to vote not only at polling stations, and in General… where necessary: in the course were hemp, buses, benches, playgrounds, soccer fields, sandpit, garage roof — in General, everything lacked imagination. Interestingly, the head of the CEC Emma Pamfilova stubbornly pretended that this never can be (and is, apparently, imagined).

And how do you “polling station” on the football field?

In the Saratov region voting for zeroing Putin staged on the roof of the garage. Chalk wrote where the input and output

No vote on the benches and racks are not provided and will not. All voting outside the premises takes place in the presence of observers said she.

And here is another advanced solution. Do you like it?

With the slide — right into the ballot box.

From Penza write:
Rang the intercom and asked to come to the sandbox to vote for the amendment

to convince citizens of the need for the adoption of the amendments, and have connected “heavy artillery” in the face of Russian stars: Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Mashkov, Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko together with his son Sasha starred in the videos, in which he called for the vote.

Star party once again split up: while some blissful views told how important it is to support changes in The basic Law, others frankly their hately and opposed. Oh Yes, took part in the vote promised participation in a lottery and prizes were giving out gift certificates, money, cars and even apartments.

the Opposition, also split. Some, such as Alexei Navalny, boycotted the vote, others, such as Maxim Katz, urged to go and vote against it. To the last of the doubters, after seeing the phenomenal appearance Pamfilova Posner, in which she in plain text said that the amendments already adopted, decided not to waste time.

And I wanted this day to cast your vote there were problems at polling stations. People told me that came to the site and saw that they have already someone voted. There were a few cases where citizens were able to vote several times remotely and then personally. One of these “lucky” was the journalist Pavel Lobkov. Out of kindness, he publicly shared his experience to talk about the problems in the system. Us a long time to convince that everything is secure and have no gaps. I checked it out, showed and told that actually it is not. In my place could be a rogue, who could and still can arrange any kind of merry-go-round he said.

However, the initiative, as it is known, is punishable. To the Pubic soon the police had come, and the CEC promised to apply sanctions.

In General, the day X, which, as expected, was to decide the fate of our country. July 1 fell on Wednesday, but in honor of such an important event Vladimir Putin has declared him a non-working day. Now, by the way, with the submission of the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Olga Epifanova Day of nationwide voting for amendments to the Constitution can and does make the day (and maybe the holiday?).

the results of the so-called vote is well known: for voted 77,92% of Russians against — of 21.27%. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov has called the results of the vote a triumph.

Clearly the Kremlin believes the triumph of voting results on the amendments to the Constitution. In fact, de facto he took a triumphant referendum about trust to President Putin, he said.

2. the Appointment of Sergei Shnurov General producer of TV channel RTVI

In the Russian media environment one of the most notable events last week was the appointment of musician Sergei Shnurov for the post of General producer of the channel RTVI, which editor in chief, Alexey Pivovarov, left the position a few days before.

In General, as sung in my favorite song string: “it used to be fun, and now don’t feel sad!”

says the author of the YouTube project, “Revision” Alexei Pivovarov.

He wished every success to Sergey Shnurova and expressed confidence that the channel will gain “not only a new breath, and the breath, without which, as we know, not to play these concerts which is played by the string”.

Alexey Pivovarov

Cords have long ceased to be associated with group “Leningrad”. 47-year-old artist often writes poems on sensitive topics, criticizing the government, and he decided to engage in political activity, joining the “Party of Growth”. To work in a managerial position in the media he had never. According to the statement of Sergey, it is adjusted more than resolutely.

In new role I, as before, I will be with all the efficiency and imagination to focus on creating relevant content, now and for the channel. Those experimental ideas and forms, which I have always known and will continue to incarnate, now on RTVI. Thank you for your trust, we can together a lot,

he said.

Sergey Shnurov

throughout my life, I work with a collective image of the Russian people, the theme of our special world were always the center of my attention. In my work, I sought to maintain the link between the media in our culture and language. br>
I plan to develop the platform for discussing the most acute and topical issues of the international agenda, influencing political and social life of their compatriots around the world

— added Cords.

the network on the news of the appointment Shnurov reacted differently. Say not thrilled with this, and some employees of the channel, which is now going to write a letter of resignation. Not left without attention and this is Ksenia Sobchak, who has long been an open “war” with a former friend on social media. According to the presenter, the last decision of Sergei has a strong influence of his wife Olga Abramova.

About RTVI don’t know, but it is known that meeting with Titov and the “Party of Growth” organiz��shaft his wife. She was cut off by the main man in the band “Leningrad” Denis, the organizer of the tour and concerts. When Matilda, of course, it was different.

— wrote Sobchak in his telegram channel.

is it really know, but what exactly is the fact that the new marriage Sergey Shnurov looks absolutely happy.

3. the opening of the monument to Soviet soldiers in the Rzhev

on the Eve of the final day of voting on amendments to the Constitution the President of Russia Vladimir Putin went to Rzhev, where together with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko took part in the opening of the monument to the Soviet soldier — a memorial to heroes of the battle of Rzhev 1942-1943, during which killed several hundred thousand people. Its opening was held on may 9, but because of the pandemic coronavirus ceremony was postponed to a later date. br>
Honorary guests of the ceremony were 14 veterans living in the Tver region. One of them, 94-year-old Nikolai Chernykh, Putin gave his autograph. But, as it turned out, asked him a veteran not for himself but for his accompanying girls-volunteers who wanted to obtain the personal signature of the head of state.

the Monument, it looks like Putin that his next appeal to the Russians, he decided to write directly on the background. The reality, however, looked pretty comical (the President seemed much more of a monument which, we note, up to 25 meters in height and was erected on a 10-meter artificial mound) — the social network responded quickly to unexpected background and came up with funny memes, comparing Putin with Volan de mort.

Said in his speech, the President not so much about the monument, how about those amendments to the Constitution, noting how important they are for the whole country.

We’re voting not just for the amendment, in clear legal rules. We vote for the country with modern education and health care, with a reliable social protection of citizens, efficient government, accountable to the public. We are voting for the country we work for and want to pass on to our children and grandchildren,

he said.

Our country, our Constitution, our solution

the monument, which is located near the village of Khoroshevo Rzhev district, was built on public donations. The author of the project was Andrei Korobtsov, and the architect Konstantin Fomin. Their project became the winner among 19 other works. With the filing of the former Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, told Vladimir Putin about public initiative for the construction of the monument, it brought to life. The worked on it for almost three years.

netizens have said that the monument, whose base is decorated with bronze flock of cranes is really impressive and tragic.

praised his Director of the State Museum of architecture Schusev Elizabeth Likhachev.

From what I saw in the pictures, I can say that it is made very good, unexpectedly good. Honestly, after all the recent monuments, I was expecting some kind of horror.

I Have my doubts about the ratio of the figures of a soldier and the hill on which it stands. But it is rather proportional to the claim. The idea I really liked, I think it’s tasteful. I’m really surprised because I think it would be much sadder, given the monument to Prince Vladimir, Mikhail Kalashnikov — the horror. Fully to say about the shortcomings I can’t, since he saw the monument alive, but I think that for our age, this is an outstanding work.

This monument clearly inherits the tradition of Soviet sculptures, and designs. This is an obvious allusion to the monument “to Heroes of Stalingrad battle” on Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd, an obvious allusion to the Treptow Park. And this, of course, an allusion to the Soviet sculpture, but in a different connotation: used the same techniques, but the connotation was more mourning.

I think that this memorial will stand in line with the work of Vucetic, Mukhina, because obviously the artist who did it, a master of the form, which is very important. I think it is a good job. It’s cool made! I think it is because the people who did it, was filled with homework or something, don’t know how to properly articulate. So it was not a government order. It was not just slipshod work. The sculptor who did it, knew what he was doing. This is important because when doing this kind of monuments, it is very important to believe in what you’re doing actually. It is impossible to make such a monument just for the money,

she shared his opinion.

4. the movie is about gays in Chechnya on HBO

on Tuesday, June 30, the HBO documentary David France’s “Welcome to Chechnya”, which tells about the persecution of LGBT people in the Republic. Despite the fact that the leader of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov continues to diligently insist that in Chechnya, no gays, the picture proves the opposite. The film shows how Russian activists David Isaev and Olga Baranova helped the Chechen gays and lesbians to leave the country and exported to Moscow and abroad. The film also shows scenes of torture and murder.

For the safety of the main characters David France changed their vote and showed their faces, hiding their faces behind other people. For your own safety Director, who filmed certain scenes directly in Chechnya, pretending to be a tourist. And that is not declassified nor himself, nor the real purpose of the visit, for the filming he used a mobile phone and GoPro camera.

One of the characters in the movie became a photographer and LGBT activist Maxim Lapunov, who publicly said of past torture in the Chechen “secret prison” for gays. He is the one who starred in the movie anonymously. Lapunov noted that the film was very accurate.

of Course, the movie really impressed me. Very beautiful story, I did not expect that, it turns out, in my family, so much love and understanding. It’s very cool. The film is very precise,

he said in an interview with “Rain”.

it is Worth noting that in Russia, HBO is not available. Will we get to see the film, which premiered in January this year at the Sundance film festival and which received the the audience award at the Berlin film festival in February, the Russian audience is not yet known, but the edition “jellyfish” published four passages out of the picture.