A small municipality in the historic Alsace – Unspec (region Grand-est) with half-timbered houses, Windows and balconies with flowers received the title of "favorite village of France", according to Lonely Planet.

After several months of competition this small town, located near the German border, won in a popular annual television survey Le Village Préféré des Français (Favorite French village).

The former Swedish settlement known for its friendly inhabitants, proud Alsatian spirit, and streets with half-timbered houses of the XVI century, decorated with carved window frames and boxes with colourful flowers.

Lives in Unspace only 653 people, it can be reached or railway, or car. The trip from Strasbourg is just under an hour.

Winning the competition is a strong stimulus for the economy and the tourism industry in small towns. Eguisheim is a beautiful village, surrounded by vineyards on the Alsace wine route — has experienced a tourist boom after winning the competition in 2013. It is expected that Unspec will suffer the same fate.