In all regions of the country gradually removed the constraints caused by the pandemic coronavirus. And the Russians are once again beginning to travel. But now on the forefront of not only comfort, but also measures against the spread of coronavirus.

Trains more confidence

With the improvement of the epidemiological situation, the demand for rail transportation. In may, Russian Railways resumed the sales of travel documents for 90 days, allowing passengers to plan trips in the summer and to buy tickets in advance. As a result, if at the end of may the passengers were issued an average of 100 thousand tickets a day, today the quantity of travel documents has doubled – up to 200 thousand per day.

In the Railways emphasize that if the interest in travelling remains high, the number of recovered flight will increase. By mid-July will be returned to the schedule of many trains of JSC “Federal passenger company” (a subsidiary of Russian Railways, the national passenger carrier long-distance), will recover the amounts for the operation of trains in the message with the resorts of the North Caucasus and the black sea coast.

Passengers are actively planning a summer holiday, albeit later than usual. According to the survey conducted by the Federal passenger company, 88% of respondents are willing to make the trip within one month after the lifting of restrictive measures. 43% of respondents want to go to relatives and friends, while 28% are planning a business trip, 17% and tourism.

Since the question of the observance of anti-epidemic measures are the key, the passengers will probably prefer a spacious trains close to the cabin. The same opinion is shared by the Chairman of the interregional public organization “Union of passengers” Kirill Yankov.

– the Train is a safer aircraft for a number of reasons: starting with the fact that the train in any car on the passengers have more space than in the plane. Finally, the train was always the opportunity to buy all the seats in the coupe for those who are afraid of infection. And, probably, the passengers will be more to use it. Besides, Railways has taken a complex of measures for decontamination of the wagons and surfaces, and conductors to wear masks and sanitize their hands. Also, I assume that the aircraft will be above the cost of tickets, as airlines have leasing payments and they’re always an important early sales. Now very few people will buy a ticket for six months. In this regard, I think, on the middle distances in the 1000-2000 km possible flow of passengers from plane to train, – says Kirill Yankov.

In the Railways ready for such developments and not weaken intensive measures to prevent the spread of viral infections on the railway TrEsporte. Thus, in accordance with the recommendations of the health officers, the cars undergo a thorough disinfection of the depot. EN route, the train crew cleans each car at least four times a day with a disinfectant. Thoroughly disinfect all bedding, including pillows and mattresses. Linen is carefully washed, ironed, subjected to heat treatment. For pillows, blankets and mattresses also have separate regulations disinfection and cleaning with observance of all measures of the CPS. Conductors, passengers can purchase the mask and gloves. Also, the conductors of at least two times a day using a non-contact infrared thermometers measure the temperature of passengers. Dining cars opened its doors to visitors, but there is Seating, the staff of the dining cars should be wearing masks and gloves regular disinfection of the premises.

In this case, higher antiviral protection to passengers provide engineering railcar.

thought in advance

Today JSC “Federal passenger company” are actively upgrading the rolling stock. In accordance with the agreement signed in February 2019 with the rail manufacturer company “Transmashholding” – the contract operator up to 2025 will receive 3730 modern coaches. This one-storey and two-storey wagons of various types: coupe, staff, economy class cars, restaurants, cars with seats, as well as entirely new cars for the formation of compounds such as a push-pull and two-storey railcar rolling stock. They will be produced at Tver carriage works (part of Transmashholding). Of these cars, for example, compartment and second-class one-story two-car block trains carry passengers now.

Technology of the coupling gear from two cars helps new way to organize the space inside the train, creating additional public areas. So, in these cars there is a shower as well as tea and glass apparatus with drinking water and a coffee machine. And sealed inter-car gangways reduce the noise and allow a single train microclimate.

Special attention in the new cars given to the anti-epidemic safety of the passengers. About this “Transmashholding” was conceived long before the current pandemic coronavirus.

“This is not the first outbreak of the dangerous infectious diseases for the last time, in one form or another they occur regularly. It is therefore important to develop and improve various technologies that help protect passengers from diseases, – says Deputy General Director of Transmashholding for the development of passenger transport alexander Loshmanov. – Our company has been this work for over ten years.”

So, the solution of these problems “Transmashholding” working together with one of Moscow enterprises. Its specialists have developed the decontamination of air, which prevent the spread of diseases transmitted by airborne droplets, through the ventilation system.

Today, all passenger cars produced by the Tver carriage works are equipped with such facilities. This compact high-tech device with special amalgam ultraviolet germicidal lamps high power. The output of the ultraviolet light in the passenger area of the car interfere with a special protective lattice.

One such installation of air disinfection is sufficient for one storey of the car. The two-storey placed two. Each of them can decontaminate up to 2500 m3 of air per hour. Their high reliability, automatic self test, and before each flight, the decontamination system further checks.

“In our country, even at the peak of the epidemic rail, unlike some foreign countries, was not stopped just largely due to the traditionally strict requirements of Rospotrebnadzor in respect of the execution of sanitary-epidemiological norms for the Railways, and that the need for the installation of systems for disinfection of air in the passenger rolling stock we have enshrined in law, says Alexander Loshmanov. – A system that uses “Transmashholding” capable of destroying bacteria and viruses, as confirmed by comprehensive testing of the relevant Institute of Rospotrebnadzor”.

New technology of clean

Ultraviolet light in the new cars long-distance “Transmashholding” is used for the disinfection of water. In each car there is a setting that disinfects water using ultraviolet germicidal amalgam lamps and is already purified, it takes on the taps.

to Improve the quality and safety of water will help purifier machines for distribution to passengers hot and cold water from the water supply system of the car. Them before the crane is set up for more compact disinfecting water device with ultraviolet LEDs that start instantly when you press the dispensing lever of the crane.

“And the installation of disinfecting of water, and a purifier is developed and produced by order of the Tver carriage works, – says Alexander Loshmanov. – These systems, and the installation of air disinfection, have been tested in specialized Institute – Institute of railway hygiene Rospotrebnadzor”.

however, the Federal passenger cothe company today also continues to work to improve the rolling stock for passenger protection from viruses. Today, the carrier offers TMH to use new developments to ensure epidemiological safety of the passengers. This, for example, automatic doors, rework of toilet rooms kvartsevanie, the equipment of beds a personal blind, the introduction of materials with antibacterial coating in the interior. Such proposals are now actively discussed with the customer and manufacturer.