Bernie Ecclestone has not lost his sense of Humor. With 89 once again, dad has given him these days headlines in the international Boulevard. “This is what happens when you go into retirement! Because you suddenly have time for this,” smiles the former formula 1 Boss in a .

although He had “other companies, I’ll take care of it,” but that his old Job is missing: “When you work so long to do as I do … Anyone who says he misses the not telling the truth. Whether it is good or bad, I don’t know. If I would like to be involved, with all the problems? Maybe.”

“That’s what I’ve done. I wasn’t at the races, the race to watch. I was at the race, to do my work. And if I wasn’t at the races, but in the office, I have done my job,” says Ecclestone.

Still, he’s not the formula 1 for a second Time to buy back. Absurd rumors that he could consider together with Lawrence Stroll and his friend Toto Wolff, an Investment in the Grand-Prix-sports, excludes Ecclestone decidedly.

He could see at the Moment “anyone” who would invest in the formula 1. And: “I do not think that Liberty wants to sell.”

This article written was by Christian

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