As reported in management on public relations of the higher school of BSU, on the development of a new product scientists worked in the project Belgorod scientific-educational center of world-class “Innovative solutions in agriculture”. Associate Professor of food technology, candidate of biological Sciences Olga Binkowska, commenting on the innovation, noted that “correction of the chemical composition of many foods consumed as a dessert, will increase the content of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber while reducing the energy value”.

Head of the Department of food technology, candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor Nina Macakova notes that due included in figs vegetable ingredient – nanostructured dry extract of Echinacea, rich in iron, calcium, selenium, silicon and inulin – it will become a tool for the prevention of gastrointestinal and oncological diseases.

the Secret cooking techniques of the figs with high biological value lies in the dosage of added plant component, explains Myachikova.

Scientists say that each of the trace minerals Echinacea is a storehouse of benefits for the body. Selenium, the amount of which is huge in the plant significantly increases the protective function, improves resistance to various viruses and infections. Calcium increases bone strength, and iron – improves blood chemistry, increasing the number of red blood cells, silicon, in turn, helps to renew tissues of the body.

the University noted that scientists proposed technology, on the one hand, will allow the food industry to produce a wide range of useful products for people who care about their health, with another – will be interesting to producers of fruit raw materials as a way of recycling products that cannot be delivered in a segment of juice market.