netizens found her real pictures

Edit your appearance in special software and apps to look better in the photo in social networks, has become quite commonplace. Even the stars that always try to look perfect because of their popularity, fans are sometimes caught in low-quality retouching.

the Girl has a blog in which almost puts their “model” photo. However, at the end of may on Facebook there were pictures that revealed her true appearance. Looking at these photos, it is very difficult to believe that they depict one and the same person.

Pictures quickly became viral and spread around the world. After the original photo leaked, coeyyyy admitted that he was extremely upset. However, it is not believed that it had made something or bad someone cheated. Reporters World Of Buzz the girl said they just wanted to make your photos more beautiful, and that in the end the photo turned out a completely different person, not much bothers her.

Catherine Gura