And for good reason: the decisive argument was the availability of separate chambers with WC and a large number of oxygen points.

– We are just two days reshaped for the diagnosis and treatment coronavirus infection, received a certificate, – says Julia Gurevskaya. – Of the doctors worked in excess of, particularly resuscitators, since by then the state to expand did not.

to Prepare the hospital to retrain physicians had very quickly. By 31 March, when they began to receive the first cases, had been deployed with 100 beds, ten of which were for intensive care. Each is equipped with oxygen supply. According to the chief physician, the treatment they have been more than 400 patients, more than 300 discharged with recovery.

One of the patients were… Yulia Gurevskaya. Having had symptoms, she was on the computer tomograph (CT) examination that showed a bilateral pneumonia. The doctor isolated themselves in his office and continued to lead on the cell phone while taking the treatment from colleagues, subordinates. Fortunately, the disease has receded, now Julia A. feels completely healthy. And this episode fight infection calls a “personal nuisance”.

– the Most difficult thing to realize the fact that, despite all our efforts, some patients with severe concomitant pathology we could not be saved, – said the chief doctor. – The patient’s lungs just can’t breathe and you jump from powerlessness, because you can’t help by surgery.

during this period, the hospital continued to work with pregnant women, but only picked up a coronavirus. Even did an emergency gynecological operations.

For me, the decision of the Russian President came as a great surprise – said “RG” Julia Gurevskaya. – I think that it is a reward for the whole team of our hospital. I admire and am proud of each of the employees, they clock selflessly and courageously carried out his medical debt. We have forgotten what a weekend, every day night. Because it’s necessary.

Proud of the chief and her subordinates. Here is what it says about Lydia Bykova, Deputy on medical work:

– Julia A. – very helpful man, never pass by someone else’s problems. Very responsible and motivates the team, keeps in shape. It is very demanding of himself. Great grandma (in their grandchildren just doted), mother and daughter. And then, as she supports her parents… I have rarely seen such support. And people are very versatile – love and know classical music, growing flowers, playing sports.

Dossier “RG”

Juliya Gurevskaya – hereditary medic: her grandfather was a military surgeon, and my grandmother – operating sister. Obstetrician-gynecologist withTala for example, mother and aunt. Working in medicine for 30 years, he has higher medical category in the “Obstetrics and gynecology” and “health Organization and public health”.