The Berlin-Brandenburg radio scandal is still brewing. The rbb director Patricia Schlesinger resigned at the beginning of August with immediate effect, as announced in a statement from the public broadcaster. The allegations against her? waste of money! These included allegedly questionable consulting contracts, horrendous sums for office conversions, an expensive company car with a strangely high discount and huge salary increases.

This came to light after various media research, including the “Business Insider” and the “Bild” newspaper. Schlesinger himself always rejected any allegations and spoke, among other things, of “personal allegations and defamation”. An affront – also finds the family of show legend Harald Juhnke († 75). His son Oliver and the former Juhnke manager Peter Wolf went to the ARD broadcaster and vented their personal frustration.

The reason for the trouble is an alleged film adaptation of Harald Juhnke’s life, which was once planned by RBB. The project was canceled without further ado last year after being postponed several times. Juhnke manager Peter Wolf therefore raised serious allegations and told the “Bild” newspaper: “There is no film because RBB threw out the money with full hands for the luxury life of its executives. A scandal!”

Oliver Juhnke also reacted angrily to the latest developments in the RBB case. However, he responded diplomatically when asked by the “Bild” newspaper and explained: “My mother Susanne and I would be very happy if the RBB still implemented the film.” However, it remains to be seen whether this will actually happen.

With a bird’s nest hairstyle, baggy pants and a nose ring, the presenter appears at the “Blind Auditions” of “The Voice of Germany” – only to finally produce a blatant opening for his own show. Ray Garvey, Peter Maffay and Co. are amused by the surprise action.

During her marriage to Charles, they are said to have been a couple for five years: James Hewitt and Princess Diana. In an interview, her former affair now spoke about her not-so-secret affair and why he is still afraid of being hated 25 years after her death.

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