The Duchess Meghan podcast everyone has been waiting for is here. Yesterday (August 30) the second episode was released with guest star Mariah Carey, with whom she discussed “diva” airs. When Mariah Carey called Meghan a diva, she briefly lost her composure.

The fans had to wait a long time before Duchess Meghan’s Spotify podcast “Archetypes”, which was announced two years ago, was finally broadcast. Now it happened in quick succession: Her good friend, tennis superstar Serena Williams, was recently a guest of Prince Harry’s wife. Among other things, the conversation was about the problems of ambitious women, but also about a fire that almost endangered little Archie. In the new episode, the former “Suits” actress chatted with her musical idol, Mariah Carey – and at one point she worked up a sweat.

In the current episode of the podcast, the question of what makes a diva should be clarified – a good template for superstar Mariah Carey, who was announced at the beginning of the show as the “grand dame of our time”. When Duchess Meghan started to assess herself and said she didn’t see herself as a diva, she immediately interrupted the singer and said: “You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan. Don’t pretend!” Meghan then unsettled: “What diva moments?” Mariah Carey appeased and replied: “I mean the looks. Your way of dressing.”

Prince Charles’ daughter-in-law apparently did not expect this turn of the conversation. “I’ve started to sweat a bit,” her voice can be heard from the off at the end of the podcast episode.

“Everything was going like clockwork up until this moment,” Meghan explained. She immediately felt misunderstood and slid back and forth on the chair – “as if in quiet revolt”. She went on to say: “My head was really spinning because I thought about what nonsense she must have read or clicked on to say something like that.” But Mariah meant it as a compliment, Meghan continued, “for how I am dress how I move – but I took it as a dig.”

At the beginning of the episode, the Duchess, who is also causing a stir with her “The Cut” interview, emphasized what a great role model the singer was for her growing up – with a black mother and a white father. “You were so formative for me,” Meghan gushed. “When you came on stage, I was like, ‘Oh my god, someone looks like me.'”

Immediately after the birth of his second son, Prince Harry, Prince Charles is said to have made an ill-considered statement that greatly hurt Princess Diana.

She is considered the queen of hearts, in the end she is more likely the queen of broken hearts. To this day, Diana brings tears to her former lover’s eyes. The private broadcaster “world exclusive” brought him in front of the cameras – and thus spices up his hard-working documentary “The Battle of the Princesses”.

During her marriage to Charles, they are said to have been a couple for five years: James Hewitt and Princess Diana. In an interview, her former affair now spoke about her not-so-secret affair and why he is still afraid of being hated 25 years after her death.

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