Vaccination of physicians could begin in late August and September, will be completed when registration of the drug (which, as noted Gridnev, will happen in a few days) and established the first commercial batch of the vaccine. Vaccinations the doctors, as previously specified in the Ministry of health, in fact are considered to be the third and final phase of clinical trials of the vaccine.

a Few days ago the head of the Ministry Mikhail Murashko is also clarified that along with physicians vaccination can start with teachers – they are in virtue of their profession come into contact with a large number of people and therefore are also at risk.

Gridnev also pointed out that more than other population groups in need of vaccination of elderly people who have coronavirus infection often leads to severe consequences. However, the Ministry of health, where RG asked for clarification, said that vaccination of older age groups will start only after the completion of testing of the drug.

Finally, an important contingent to vaccinate children. But they will be able to get vaccinated until next year. After the completion of testing of the vaccine on adults, it will explore in relation to children on terms that will, most likely, the beginning of 2021.