Scientists noticed an unusual symptom faced by patients with coronavirus. The phenomenon called “hypoxia happy” raises questions about how the disease affects the lungs, reports The Guardian.

According to consultant intensive care at Manchester Royal laterite Jonathan Bannard Smith became aware of several patients with alarmingly low saturation (saturation) of oxygen to the blood. In healthy people this ratio is not less than 95 percent, while doctors have reported patients with Sats in the 80, 70 and even 50 percent. People seem to be completely healthy, though their body be a catastrophic change.

the Pulmonologist from Brazil Elnara Marcia Negri said that when “happy hypoxia” deep breathing of the patient can be comfortable as the lung is inflated, so patients do not feel the lack of oxygen.

According to scientists, the cause of the unusual condition can be blood clots in his lungs, they cause the formation of proteins, which do not allow to saturate the blood with sufficient oxygen. Based on available data, experts urge physicians to avoid aggressive treatment, unless there are serious grounds.

In April, the health Ministry of Russia reported that the coronavirus causes the unusual course of pneumonia — infection is confirmed by laboratory tests, but patients do not feel symptoms and they do not show signs of the disease. In an interview with “” the chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health Sergey Avdeev explained that asymptomatic pneumonia without a cough and temperature is one of the features COVID-19, and the most effective method to recognize it is to carry out a CT scan. According to him, the sensitivity of this method reaches 97 percent.

the Results of research scientists from Japan showed that I had been ill with pneumonia COVID-19 in asymptomatic form discovered lung lesions. These changes are called “frosted glass effect”.