The last days of the life of a star “Lethal force” Marina Makarova, which was diagnosed with cancer of the fourth stage took place in a Moscow hospital.

First, the actress was treated in Kostroma cancer hospital, but then she was transferred to Central clinical hospital svyatitelya aleksiya in Moscow. It was there, and the last days of the life of Makarova. According to Golodnitsky, a colleague endured painful procedures and chronic pain. However, to defeat this terrible disease and could not, reports “StarHit”.

Clarifies that a career Makarova in St.-Petersburg came to a halt. That is why she returned to the small home in Kostroma, to be closer to their parents. Here 45-year-old star worked at the chamber drama theatre.

“Helped the whole world. In June, the troupe of our theatre has announced the collection of funds for medical treatment in the Russian oncological center named after Blokhin. Quota wait time was not. Responded a lot of caring people, for which they thank you. That’s just money in this life decide not all. Would doctors prolong the life of the Marina in the centre – the question, still the fourth of inoperable cancer of the stomach. But we tried to do everything in our power”, – said the chief Director of the theater Stanislav golodnitsky.

He also stressed that the last time you talked to Marina about five days ago.

“to Talk normally failed because called early in the morning, and the house was still asleep. But Marina really appreciated the care that was shown to her colleagues and friends. She had no children with her husband, she was divorced. It was mom and dad. They are now very hard. For all of us she was bright, cheerful, deeply religious man. A true professional and a talented actress. She worked until her last days, loved his profession,” added the Director.

Funeral Makarova will be held in the Church of St. John of Kronstadt on 22 July at 11 am. Colleagues of the actress are sure that the ceremony will want to come dozens of fans of Marina, who all these years have admired her talent.

Earlier it was reported that the actress died on 46-m to year of life. Makarova has collaborated with the theater “the Shelter of comedians”, and also played in the entreprise.