Attempts to connect to the restoration of the city hall of Krasnodar failed, so concerned citizens have collected the money.

the repair took 15 veterans of the fleet. Every weekend they are using improvised tools and welding machine “darn” submarine. Some scraped old paint, cut from other corps rotten part.

– Do it yourself as you can. The tools brought from home, – says a former submariner Viktor Litvinov.

the Main objective is to restore and paint the body (where the holes reach the huge sizes).

We were invited for a consultation temrjuksky ship-repair centre. He advised primarily to strengthen the railing and prepare a concrete pedestal around the perimeter of the submarine, to avoid getting water inside the case. All of this requires significant financial expenses, – the member of the Council of elders of the Krasnodar branch of the Russian marine Assembly Alexander Kavun. For example, the native metal of the boat and the thick – five millimeters, but this does not get one, and it is difficult to weld to the crumpled body. For patches go sheets in half of a millimeter, sometimes just galvanized tin.

the Small submarine was launched on 21 may 1955. The Black sea she served until 1965, for a long time was preserved until it was towed in 1981 on the river Kuban in Krasnodar. The internal compartments was converted into a Museum, where guided tours. But in the 90s the exhibit was abandoned. However, seamen on the boat a few times staged Saturday. And in 2016, have established a memorial sign “to the Sailors, natives of the Kuban, who gave his life for the Motherland”.

although the submarine is one of the attractions of Krasnodar, for the authorities it is “burdensome exhibit”. This is confirmed received in February 2020 initiative group response from the regional administration: “the Park of culture and leisure of 30 years of Victory belongs to the municipal unitary enterprise (MUP), in which the contents of the entire infrastructure is carried out exclusively at the expense of earned resources. Because of the heavy income and expenditure budget MUP does not have the capacity to repair the submarine M-261”.

In March, Park changed the status of budgetary establishment, but all financial matters are still under development.

– employees of all military branches are meeting place to celebrate a special date. For the Krasnodar veterans of the Navy in such a place was the area near the submarine M-261 project А615 , says captain 1st rank Valery Afterman. – At the same time the submarine is the business card of the city. We have repeatedly appealed to all authorities with requests to bring the ship in decent condition. The answers are usually the same: they say, “the boat is not a monument of history.” Sure the “Baby” you want to keep, after all, only in 11 cities of the submarine have been turned into museums or the objects in the exhibitions. And the rest just… cut.


Total in the USSR was built 29 small diesel submarines . Because of the often breaking out on Board fires, the sailors called them “lighters”. In addition to Krasnodar, such a submarine is also in one of the city parks of Odessa on the territory of the naval engineering school in the city of Pushkin, Leningrad region. Their condition is much better.