About the transfer of taffy, the Chairman of the Committee of industrial television awards Mikhail Shvydkoy told TASS.

“it Was decided to postpone the ceremony TEFI and presentation of figurines TEFI in may 2021, he said. – The decision was caused by the fact that the traditional dates that have been established in recent years have at the beginning of October. Public meetings at this time of year can be under different constraints, and to arrange a holiday in masks and gloves we think inappropriate”.

Shvydkoi also said that the acceptance of applications for the award will end on 1st February 2021. According to him, it is important to note correspondents, camera crews who were covering the pandemic. “We think that this topic (pandemic) will somehow be reflected in the ceremony TEFI and the voting results”, – he said. Fradkov also expressed hope that the award will be presented projects on various subjects and maybe the projects that have come on the online platforms on the Internet. “By July 1, we will know what the content presented today at the national platforms the national networks of the Internet, can also be included in the competition”, – TASS quoted Shvydkoi.

According to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the Board of Directors of the award is planned in late June – early July this year. It will discuss not only the date of taffy, but will consider Internet projects.