Meeting with the beast the girl got video.

the Wearer of TikTok Australia Brisbane named Jane Blaxland in mid-may, suddenly found at home a very unusual guest. Hearing a strange sound coming from the ceiling, Jane decided to turn the camera on the smartphone — and for good reason. The girl saw in the ceiling a small hole, from which protruded claw some animal.

Despite the frightening picture, the Australian kept his head and touched a furry paw. The mysterious visitor began to move and showed his true face — he was just a hungry possum who snuck into human habitation in search of food.

As explained by Jane, such a situation in Australia is not uncommon, and strange sounds from the ceiling came a long time ago.

She pitied the animal and put him in the hole, half a banana, which he did not refuse and began to chew him out right there.

Teen Surprised To Spot the ‘Monster’ Claw Poking Out Of Ceiling Hole In Australia – UNILAD #SmartNews

Now the Australian regular feeds of possum fruits and berries, however in response the animal sometimes hisses at her, but Jane can’t be very happy about this and takes off with the possum videos to social networks, writes Unilad.

Catherine Gura

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