For starters outline the situation – this was on today “Lenfilm” speak openly, because I believe transparency is an important component of normal operation. Now a famous film Studio in a difficult situation. The promise to remove the 15 paintings a year, announced a few years ago, and remained a soap bubble. Two projects that were to become the drivers – removed Sergey Snezhkina detective during the Civil war “Indemnity” and a war criminal romance of Alexander Kasatkin “Three days until spring” is not only not disappointing, but on the contrary, condemned the Studio for financial hunger. While the “thumbnail” will not give the cinema Fund debt, and it is 85 million rubles, the new support from the Department should not wait. A score to settle with the Studio and the Ministry of culture. The penalty for failure of terms of delivery of the film “Russian Boy” to the Ministry of culture has added to 2.2 billion rubles of the debt of film Studio VTB Bank more 1 million 300 roubles. In the end, the Studio lost the right to participate in the defense of new projects applying for support from the Ministry of culture and cinema Fund. Looking ahead, we note that the new management did try and applied for the support of 4 of his paintings, but, alas, refused. Which is a pity. “One of the projects that we submitted – a story written by Andrei Tumarkin, told us Inessa Yurchenko. – As the guys from Afghanistan, delivering a “cargo 200”, are ambushed. And with their lives they are saving the coffins of their comrades”…

“For unknown reasons” is the phrase with alarming frequency occurs when talking about the situation in the oldest film Studio. “For unknown reasons” no one’s ever worried that the film Studio has not received the required her money, or at least reports from Hippo Chinese Film Company, which for 5 years was granted exclusive rights to the show “Golden collection” of “Lenfilm” the Internet in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. “For some reason,” flew to Italy for about 3 billion euros allocated for the installation of a large Studio Atmos (voice dubbing/information of phonograms).

a Separate story – with joblocom. On “Lenfilm” the time has stopped and 90s if it were not in all or almost all in disrepair. To rake “Augean stables” (and in a literal sense – was removed more than 600 tons of household and construction waste) accounted for new leadership, “Lenfilm”, went to the Studio this winter. Energy Inessa Yurchenko, before coming to “Lenfilm” led the company “triiks Media”, which account for more than 180 TV shows and movies – not to take. Pandemic passed six months, and managed if not to break the deadlock over the film Studio, then at least to clean it, and return part of the films from the “Golden collection” (1342 picture, and the most successful and popular, yet onare in the hands of a small St. Petersburg commercial firm “twin SP” with a share capital of 10 thousand rubles, in 2009, possessing the rights to broadcast the collection of “Lenfilm”, gets a multimillion-dollar income). With the victory of “Lenfilm” was the transfer of the rights to the live webcast, including those movies that are “twin SP”. And most importantly – determined rescue plan of the Studio, which was shared at a press conference.

the First stage – “Recovery” – provides the output of the Studio from the verge of bankruptcy and optimization of operating costs. The second stage – “Recovery” – increase used in the film production capacity and upgrading outdated equipment. “Revival” – a reboot of rental policy (for example, a lessor that sells seafood, and in fact, not really “mounted” film), the implementation of projects on creation of an educational and cultural center in the Studio. And the fourth stage, “Development”, involves the implementation of large-scale joint projects on the improvement of “Lenfilm”, the introduction of new sources of income, the creation of the project “Lenfilm as a cultural centre of gravity”.

Bet “thumbnail” doing on the young and “creative” in full. In mid-August, will sum up the results of the competition, the web series will launch on You Tube channel of the Studio project view review, where actor Alan Ishmael with twisted, like Hercule Poirot, mustache will tell the Internet audience that “Golden collection” of “Lenfilm” is a very cool. And the project starts with the “Ladies with the doggie”, then – “King Lear” and “Wedding in Malinovka”. To promote the hits of the old “thumbnail” on the new “thumbnail” want right now with… graffiti. Inside levelmaster quarter it is planned to organize a new public space – the pedestrian street “Passage Aquarium”. In full scale it is formed in the fourth stage of the revival of the Studio and decided to try the forces on a small segment where in August a group of graffiti artists will paint the two facades of the Studio. The foundations of the works – of course, the heroes and footage from langelmavesi paintings. And here – a new cultural and event space has received the name of KINO CORNER every weekend will be held master-classes, concerts, performances, lectures, film screenings and creative meetings. That is – decided to pave the way to “thumbnail” young. “Of course, you need to have a new “Lenfilm” has become a zone for a new generation. To know: autumn is here, the Festival of debuts that the Studio dumped the conditions for first-time filmmakers that their ideas will find their place here. Studio should be an open area for those who want to do something in the cinema”, – said the correspondent “RG” beginnings creative producer, “Lenfilm”, Igor Kopylov.

military-specific rescue plan, beautiful ideas, catchy energetic youth, already came on the banjo, everything is fine. The case for “small”. Federal, and perhaps regional support. Most of the Studio respawn can not afford. And now, “thumbnail” talks with a number of organizations to attract General investment. I hope that the ice will finally begin to move.

“a photo Studio, a photo Studio is one of those places that you need at the Studio. You know, I recently changed the management of “Lenfilm”. The new team immediately announced that “Lenfilm” will come to life in new ways. We from anybody do not hide anything and will tell everything that is happening. We have opened a photo Studio is the place where artists do a portfolio, are selected on a role, try on new images. There should be on “Lenfilm” creative atmosphere”, – said Igor Kopylov.

Since the mid 2019 account of JSC “Lenfilm” was arrested. As 15.06.2020 the amount of debt the Studio is 84.5 million rubles, including 24 million in taxes, nearly 26 million debt on utility bills, more than 25 million roubles on current claims, including claims and enforcement proceedings. Debt to the VTB Bank as of 15.06.2020 – 2.2 billion, including principal debt of almost 1.5 billion rubles, and arrears of interest 674,5 million rubles.

“Despite the difficult situation at the Studio, the account blocked and paralyzed the financial and economic activities, a pandemic of “Lenfilm” does not stop its activities. February carried out a huge amount of work” – said acting General Director of “Lenfilm studios” Inessa Yurchenko.