July 15, ended the spring draft campaign. Military conscription in the Armed forces, Resguardo and other security agencies are called to 135 thousand. The plan to call done despite the fact that it took place in a complex epidemiological situation.

the Russian defense Ministry recalled the particular characteristics of the completed call. The military and enlistment commissions was transferred to the strengthened anti-epidemic regime. At first they worked with an invocatory contingent remotely. Recruits began to call for a meeting of the draft commissions is not April 1, as usual, and may 12.

All the military offices were supplied with masks, gloves, non-contact thermometers, disinfectants and Express-tests to determine COVID-2019. Recruits provided a casual dress code, personal electronic banking and cards, medical masks and travel bags in a kit which includes a bottle of hand sanitizer.

the war Department States: in the course of the recruiting campaign it was possible the penetration of coronavirus infection in troops.

All recruits before sending to the service tested for coronavirus. Was revealed about 1,5 thousand people with signs of respiratory disease that have not been admitted to the Assembly points.

Replenishment also received scientific and scientific-production companies. They were sent to more than 450 people. In sports company directed more than 150 guys who are in the national teams of Russia on the Olympic sports.

the phones “a hot line” on issues of call call 3.5 thousand people.