the Investigation of the “Belgazprombank” was short-lived. The presidential candidate of the Republic of Victor Babariko, who is considered the main competitor of the incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko, have been indicted. What persecuted opponents of the regime, is unknown, as this is considered a secret of the investigation.

At the same time in the KGB jail was not only himself Babariko, but his son Edward. Which is related to the campaign headquarters of his father, but no in the Bank and its Affairs. Family lawyers protect 5: three -father and two – son. Defendants refuse to plead guilty. Most likely, Babariko accused of creating schemes to tax evasion and money laundering in the “Belgazprombank”, which he led for the last 20 years. At the same time in “Gazprom” do not believe the Belarusian law enforcement agencies and protest against the introduction of external management in financial institutions. He Babariko calls the actions of the official Minsk in relation to his former work place raids. Anyway, in the case of the Bank detained them testify against the candidate in the candidates. Were also frozen the electoral account Babariko, and he himself was detained, allegedly due to attempts to interfere in the investigation.

staff Lawyer Victor Babariko Maxim Sign told “MK” that they expect the protection.

the Lawyers of Babariko will appeal the decision on the nomination of the prosecution, on detention, on as curbing and so on. But the electoral process, the criminal case will have no effect. Already submitted all documents for registration of Babariko a presidential candidate, there is its signature. And the CEC have adopted them.

CEC may quibble over the Declaration of income?

– the Declaration was filled and signed personally by Babariko. Theoretically, it truly is the most vulnerable place. However, even if our candidate is accused of that he did not declare more than 20% of revenue for 2019 or any real estate, it will still need to prove. We are sure that he said all that was needed, as well aware of what the consequences might be.

But if the prosecution says that he stole the money…

– the Prosecution did not say that. They do not want to tell, in what an essence of claims to Babariko. There are only hints in the speech of Alexander Lukashenko and the state media.

– Until the day of the presidential elections in Belarus will have time to condemn Babariko?

– From the point of view of what accuse defendants in the case of Belgazprombank, and how many people are involved in the case, it is simply impossible. We will do all investigations to familiarize with the case protection, to conduct the trial and to wait until the sentence comes into force.

You rasschityvaet��e to a fair trial?

– Any lawyer hopes for a fair trial. If we didn’t plan on it, you could pack up and go to another profession.

In the history of Belarus is already there were cases when the background of the protests was excited the criminal case, and when everything calmed down, people were acquitted of charges…this is what happened to the “White Legion” which held about 30 people. In the case of Babariko something like this possible?

– These cases really are. In particular, the court occasionally does not reach cases involving economic crimes, if the accused pleaded guilty and compensate the damage. But based on what Babariko accusing the state media, it is such in the foreseeable future should not count.

– do you think that after 9 August Babariko will be able to freely live and work in Belarus?

– in General, we expect that on August 9, he will win the election. Accordingly he opened a bright future in the country. Now we believe that it will register, and then we will do our best for his victory. With the first stage, all will become clear with 5 to 14 July. Up to this point will be to verify the signatures and then register the candidates.

How many signatures you have passed the CEC?

– we have collected 435 thousand signatures, but surrendered 364 900 Others we can’t. Some of them have not gone through our verification Department, and the other part, about 30 thousand, may not be ready, because by the time were detained by Babariko and campaign groups. We asked the KGB to be given the opportunity to sign the documents, but we refused.

Election account Babariko frozen, which means you are going to continue the election campaign?

– At the moment no costs. If after the registration of the candidate the account is not unfrozen, obviously we will have to use the money offered by third parties. The law in this respect says that in excess of the size of the election Fund, including with third parties, you can use no more than 20% of the funds. If you take a large amount, it may be fine, but to withdraw the candidate can’t, provided that the amount that will remain at the polling expense, not spent and will not be less than those of funds that is allocated by third parties. While willing to Finance the electoral campaign yet, but we think they will appear.