In the film “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” has published an interview with the President of the country. We have selected the most interesting quotes of Vladimir Putin.

Political system of the country needs to have many points of support, it should not only rely on the head of state.

– I do not exclude the possibility of running if it is there in the Constitution. Let’s see, we’ll see.

– I am absolutely convinced that we are right to accept the amendments to the Constitution.

– I’ve been to this (criticism — ed.) is used. There are always people who think differently than you.

– They (officials — ed.) must come from the fact that hundreds of thousands of people in our country live very modestly, and for the officials who are supposed to serve people, to stick out obscenely flaunting their wealth.

– the Number of anti-corruption cases, which is increased, is not talking about the fact that they (the crimes – ed.) became larger, the detection rate was better. The question is the level of this corruption. We are doing everything to reduce it to a minimum.

– first, Crimea has always been ours, even from a legal point of view. Secondly, we have not purchased. The people living in Crimea decided to reunite with Russia. We have separated the views of those who are in power. And Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, as has been our fraternal people, will remain for centuries.

– When you create the Soviet Union in the contract was written the right way, but since there was no prescribed procedure, the question arises if the Republic joined the USSR, but was in my Luggage a huge number of Russian lands, traditional historical Russian territories, and then decided to secede from this Union, then went with what came. And not dragged to a gift from the Russian people!

– At the core of this game (of the West with Russia — ed.) is an attempt at least to deter Russia, not allowing it to strengthen from within, to keep her in such a dilapidated condition so as to be able to pull the strings and control.