It would seem that a new queue has formed at the Montreal airport: the flight simulator open to the general public in November 2022 at the Marriott hotel in Dorval, which we had tested in our pages, would be taken from assault by the curious and budding pilots.

A second simulation device has therefore just been inaugurated by AviaSim, this time in the city center of the metropolis.

Located at the Hotel Delta, near Place des Arts, this replica of the cockpit of an Airbus A320 allows you to learn take-off, flight and landing maneuvers in the company of a professional instructor pilot.

On a panoramic screen and by activating the real physical controls of an aircraft, the activity allows you to fly to or from 24,000 international airports, with various themed experiences.

For those who dream of flying, want to fight against their anxiety on board or simply have fun, this is the opportunity to take themselves for a captain, to learn about piloting and to demystify the characteristics of an aircraft. .

From 10 years old.